Automated Delivery of Mill Test Reports

At times, accomplishing our daily tasks can be an arduous process. We plan for the day and week, yet often times, an unforeseen issue arises and dominates the schedule. We push aside our desire to be proactive for the greater good, knowing the more monotonous tasks will get handled briskly later.

O'Neal Manufacturing Services is happy to offer a small solution to take back part of your schedule.

First, a brief history. In 2012, an internal team from Information Services, Marketing and Customer Service was assembled to identify how the digital world was affecting our business. From this grew an encompassing, multi-year project focused on improving the digital experience for our customers. Step by step, we're implementing the plan.

Fast forward to today. We know the paperwork trail of fabricated components and assemblies requires a strong administrative organization to track and record the critical details of material lots, heats and certifications. Still, the success rate of delivering paperwork can be less than stellar, especially when cross-docking freight or using LTL carriers. At best, the paperwork is readable when your parts arrive. At worst, a crumpled oil painting of fingerprints. This assumes the paperwork arrived at all.

We've taken several steps to improve the path. First, in late 2013, we launched the customer portal for self-service access to Mill Test Reports, Invoices and Shipping paperwork.

Today, we're announcing the automated delivery of Mill Test Reports via email. Say goodbye to requesting, tracking and managing test reports! We've designed the system to deliver direct to your inbox – before your parts land on your dock.

If you'd like to sign up for automated email delivery of Material Test Reports, contact your Account Manager.

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