Craft O’Neal Wins MCN Service Center Executive of the Year 2016

O’Neal Industries has a long history in Alabama –- nearly a century’s worth, in fact. With an impressive record of growth and profitability that most other companies cannot touch, O’Neal has gone from a regional service center to an international contender -- part distributor, part processor, and part manufacturer.

We’re thrilled to announce that our CEO, Craft O’Neal, has become the 20th executive to win Metal Center News 2016 Executive of the Year. Learn more about Craft and our company below.

Who Is Craft O’Neal?

Craft may not be quick to talk about himself, but that’s okay –- his employees are more than eager to describe his enthusiasm and passion for the business, his fairness, and his leadership by example!

He is also known as an easygoing leader who gets things done by demonstrating integrity and professionalism. “He is very even tempered, very humble,” says Mike Rowland, CFO of O’Neal Industries. “But he is also intensely competitive, and he instills that in the people who work for him. It sets the tone for the organization, that he wants people to work hard and be the best.”

The song remains the same when it comes to our customers and suppliers. Chip Poth, president and CEO of Universal Alloy, describes O’Neal Industries as a company that “operates with the highest integrity and character.”

A Bright Future

In short, Craft O’Neal is at the top of the list when it comes to executives who run their companies with passion, dignity, and unparalleled success. We’re honored to call him our CEO, and we look forward to seeing where he leads us in the future. As a company who’s been recognized for excellence before, we will continue to strive for the highest possible standards and the best practices in the industry.

Read more about Craft and our company here.


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