New Production Equipment: Arku Flattening Press

Arku is a company in Germany that produces flattening presses.  Like the O'Neal companies, they've survived since the 1920's on hard work and perseverance.     

Prior to the launch of new business in our Greensboro, North Carolina plant, O'Neal Manufacturing Services invested in an Arku flattening press to improve a critical flatness requirement on a customer's part.  The Arku Flatmaster 80 delivered on Arku's promise to meet the tightly toleranced flatness specification.  In addition, the capital investment delivered on an OMS promise to fully integrate with our customer's engineering and procurement teams, and provide solutions that improve total supply chain performance.    

Modern Metals magazine covered the story and showcased our collaborative efforts.  Click here to read the article.

O'Neal Manufacturing Services is a multi-location contract fabricator that provides plate fabrications and sub-assemblies to original equipment manufacturers from ten North American locations.      

     Arku flattening press

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