Takin' it to the Streets

At OMS, we have (in our opinion) done a pretty good job of developing a customer-centric business model that works. We have spent the last few years working on this strategy; defining, refining, executing, and communicating this to our customers.

But what we haven’t done so well? Communicated this to our employees. Sure, we talk about it a lot. We mention it in our quarterly meetings. But is this strategy ingrained in our culture- in all of our employees?

Enter: the OMS Roadshow. Every location. Every shift. Every employee. That’s 10 locations, 2-4 shifts per location, and 1,300 employees. Since only a certain number of employees fit in a conference room at a time, this totals up to be around 50 meetings.

The goal? Meet face to face with every employee--from plant janitor to plant manager--to ensure that every voice is heard, every question answered, and every person understands their role in our Customer Intimacy strategy.

So far, our VP of Sales and Marketing and Director of Commercial Strategy have visited with half of the locations. From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to the historic President’s Island on the Mississippi River, we have seen that our people are just as diverse as the geographies they operate in. Each location has its own culture that we have adapted to at each meeting. Some employees have questions about the history of the company. Some want to know when they are getting a new forklift. We’ve found that not only are our employees a reflection of diverse geography; they are also a reflection of our diverse customer base.

But just like we have adapted to each of our locations, we have also adapted to our customers. That’s our Customer Intimacy strategy—learning our customers, building trust, and adapting to needs.

We still have a few more stops on this journey. We hope you’ll follow along as we continue to take this show on the road.  


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