Complex Project Management Services

Project Management that Delivers Beyond Capacity & Capability

Complex Project Management

Coordinating global supply chains for OEM manufacturing requires strategic managing, tracking, and systems integration across multiple production and inventory management systems.  Suppliers who partner with their customers to provide manufacturing services can bring immense value to the prototype-to-production timeline as global sourcing becomes more complex.

O'Neal Manufacturing Services offers complex supply chain management and integration through tested manufacturing processes for development and production. Our project management capabilities include engineering assistance on new product development and VA/VE, management and tracking of our production process, as well as reporting and communication to ensure our clients that OMS is fully integrated into their supply chain management process. With OMS, you will have a supply chain partner working with every level of your company to strategically reduce your total manufacturing costs and deliver high-quality products when scheduled.

The services OMS provides include:

  • A process-driven manufacturing culture

  • Significant manufacturing redundancy across multiple ISO 9001:2008-certified North American production facilities

  • Reinvestment in technologically-advanced equipment

  • Extensive, in-house 2nd and 3rd step processing capabilities

  • New product development engineering collaboration

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

OMS is focused on achieving your project targets and milestones through collaboration and integration. Our goal is delivering a fully-implemented, profitable, and predictable supply of metal components and fabricated assemblies to your production line.

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