Laser Tube Cutting Services

laser tube cuttingEquipment manufacturers who require high volumes of processed tubes can gain added value with laser tube cutting. Automated processing of 20-30 foot lengths of raw stock on laser tube cutting equipment offers fast production, reduced machining costs and more efficient assembly. Laser tube cutting can produce precise end cuts and hole profiles similar to 2D laser cutting.  

Iowa Laser Technology offers engineering assistance to take advantage of laser tube cutting technology, whether in the new product development or revision process. Current processing capabilities allow laser tube cutting of 10 in. round or 7 in. square material in carbon steel, stainless and aluminum tubes. Iowa Laser currently supplies laser cut tubes from multiple locations across the U.S.

Laser Tube Cutting Capabilities

With automated laser tube equipment cutting to 10 in OD and 7 in square, and custom lasers capable of cutting to 20" OD or square, our laser tube cutting technology is your strongest ally.

Material Types Carbon Steel A513 tubing, ROPS, Schedule 30,40,80 pipe
Stainless Steel 300 Series (301,304,316), 400 Series
Aluminum Grades 3003, 5052, 6061
Maximum Material Thickness Carbon Steel .500"
Stainless Steel .312"
Aluminum .188"
Dimensional Capacity 7" square
10" round tubes and pipes
Secondary Operations Deburring (Hand/Vibratory)
Welding (Conventional/Robotic/Laser
Powder Coating/Plating (Outsourced)

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