MIg & TIG Welding

Manual welding requires a skilled workforce to produce consistent welds on OEM plate fabrications and large assemblies.  OMS currently offers MIG and TIG welding for carbon steels, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys.  

OMS welders follow weld procedures and standards to ensure customer quality, as well as continuous improvement programs for skill development and a safe welding environment.  Programs like welding theory and best practices, technical drawing interpretation, industrial safety, 5S and measuring equipment ensure a well-trained, capable workforce. 

Our lean manufacturing team assures that every step of our welding process adds value to your product by:

  • Reducing welding costs.

  • Improving productivity of welding operations.

  • Analyzing and selecting the most cost-effective option for your projects.

  • Minimizing rejects and rework.

  • Reducing preparation before welding and grinding and cleaning afterwards.

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