Plasma Cutting Services

O'Neal Manufacturing Services offers plasma cutting services to manufacture high quality metal components for OEMs. We specialize in manufacturing components to supply OEM production operations that meet exacting requirements and delivery deadlines.  

Plasma cutting is an economical, efficient manufacturing process used to cut medium to heavy thickness metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys. It is a quick cutting process, providing fast throughput, tolerance control, and repeatability.

Arc Cutting Process

Plasma arc cutting uses an electrical arc formed from the nozzle to the surface being cut. This turns the inert gas to a plasma arc hot enough to melt the material being cut. The cutting head is programmed to the contour of the part, including complex shapes. Plasma cutting is much faster than oxy-fuel cutting, allowing fast movements that blow molten metal away from material piece being cut. 

High Definition Plasma Cutting Process

High-definition plasma cutting is a relatively new plasma cutting process that cuts similar materials with more tolerance control. It can process carbon steel materials, stainless and aluminum in the 2 inch thickness range.

Arc and High Def Plasma Cutting Capabilities

  • Multiple ISO 9001:2008-certified production facilities throughout North America, offering significant capacity and manufacturing redundancies

  • Fully automated, integrated fabricating, cutting and assembly equipment representing the most current technologies

  • Vertically-integrated turnkey manufacturing processes including extensive, in-house 2nd and 3rd step processing capabilities

  • Collaboration on new and existing products using our integrated Value-Analysis/Value- Engineering (VA/VE) process. VA/VE allows manufacturing engineers to validate the manufacturing process prior to production, saving development time and reducing costs.

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process

Plasma Cutting Operations

Our secondary processes to finish plasma-cut components include flattening to accommodate flatness tolerances and shot blasting, tumble cleaning and slag grinding to provide surface preparation for downstream processes or cosmetic finishing.

At OMS, we are committed to manufacturing high quality components that meet your exact specifications efficiently. Our experienced staff works with each client to ensure that the product we deliver will perform at or above expectations, is delivered on schedule and on budget.

Material Types Steel Structural - A36, HSLA - GR50 GR80, Floor Plate, Abrasion Resistant
Stainless Steel 300 Series (301, 304, 316), 400 Series
Aluminum 5083, 5052, 3003, 6061, 5086
Maximum Material Thickness Steel Varies by Machine, usually 1-1/4"
Stainless Steel Check with Process Facility, must have Nitrogen available.
Aluminum Check with Process Facility, must have water table.
Maximum (Cutting) Width Varies by Facility
Maximum (Cutting) Length Varies by Facility
Maximum Part Weight Varies by Facility
Secondary Operations Parts Cleaning, Shot Blasting, Forming, Machining, Welding
Industry Focus Original Equipment Manufacturers, Heavy Industry, Forklift, Construction and Forestry, Implement, Wind and Solar Power, Rail
Industry Standards

ISO 9001: 2008
American Welding Society (AWS)
Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
Association of American Railroads (AAR)

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