Strategic Risk Management

Risk is Inevitable. Mitigation of Risks Should Be Too.

Risk ManagementDisruptions in the supply chain - whether market-driven contractions or ramp-ups, transit delays from overseas shipments, or natural disasters - can affect your sleep schedule, and worse yet, bring your production schedules to a halt. When major trepidations abound on mission-critical sub-assemblies, original equipment manufacturers rely on O'Neal Manufacturing Services for supply chain risk analysis and management.

OMS offers strong continuity plans to mitigate risks and eliminate supply chain disruptions. With multiple strategically-located, North American manufacturing plants, quality and production are supported through manufacturing redundancy. Management of raw material supply offers multifaceted approaches to control material costs from the mills, exploit material buys and manage inventory.

By developing business continuity plans that support value-added collaboration and sustainability in the supply relationship, OMS brings significant value to strategic sourcing and procurement throughout the part life cycle.

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