Strategic Metal Fabrication Outsourcing Services

What is Strategic Outsourcing?

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Strategic outsource manufacturing provides management, expertise, best practices, and cost-savings solutions that will positively affect supply chain performance, bottom line growth, and ultimately, deliver better products to the end customer. It is a viable growth strategy for OEMs who have adopted a Planned Demand mentality. These OEMs value collaboration as a competitive advantage to build better products, manage costs and create shared success. They have developed procurement strategies that utilize supplier engagement, beginning top-down and extending through purchasing, engineering, quality, and operations. Product mix is irrelevant; high volume/low part mixes or low volume/high part mixes can both result in Planned Demand environments. Planned Demand removes the guesswork, strengthens performance, and improves the bottom line.

O'Neal Manufacturing Services provides OEM executives and supply chain managers with unmatched strategic outsourcing services for fabricated metal components and welded subassemblies. We offer strategic manufacturing partnerships that align our clients' production and growth goals with OMS' core competencies to ensure product supply and reduce supply chain risk. Strategic outsourcing through O'Neal Manufacturing Services allows our clients to strengthen their supply chain by leveraging our expertise, capacity, and North American footprint.

Our Outsourcing Process and Support Team

OMS aims for strategic alignment in manufacturing high-quality metal components and welded subassemblies for the global OEM market. We are a "hands-on" organization, from industry-focused knowledge to vertical engagement with senior management. Our team provides each client with the service and expertise to solve their production challenges. We understand that the quality of components produced for downstream applications are critical to the performance of the end product and that reliable, and on-time delivery of production-ready components ensures production efficiencies, process improvement, and cost savings

The competitive global manufacturing environment requires OEM executives and supply chain managers to be a step ahead on business strategy, growth, and risk. OMS is committed to providing each of our clients with a strategic outsourcing partnership that offers superior manufactured products, performance and service. We value our customers and understand that their success is our success.

Why Outsource with O’Neal Manufacturing Services?

We offer unmatched strategic alignment and operational efficiency through:

  • Multiple production facilities throughout North America, offering symmetry for major OEMs with localized/regional manufacturing

  • Redundancy on critical manufacturing processes across plants, allowing for capacity growth and reduced risk of disruption

  • Collaboration on new and existing products using our integrated Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) process. VA/VE allows OMS' manufacturing engineers to validate the manufacturing process prior to production, saving development time and reducing costs.

  • Automated manufacturing processes that are managed and controlled by Project Management protocols

  • Long-term, committed investments in technologically advanced equipment

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