VA / VE for Manufacturability

Collaboration for Improved Manufacturability & Value

Value Engineering and Manufacturability

O'Neal Manufacturing Services collaborates with its clients to create solutions that increase the overall value of the component while, if possible, reducing the project costs. Our Value-Analysis / Value-Engineering Program (VA/VE) is a systematic process that validates and evaluates the manufacturability of a part. VA/VE identifies the most efficient manufacturing process and validates that functional requirements are met or improved upon by using that manufacturing process. Product value is increased if the part function increases while the costs are static or reduced.

We partner with our clients during new product development and when manufacturing or design changes are considered for existing parts. Value-added analysis is used to validate the processes for existing products. Value-engineering is used to analyze and validate new or revised products.

This methodical approach to increasing the value of a fabricated assembly, or a group of parts, builds a collaborative, cross-functional relationship between customer and supplier. By jointly working together to solve shared problems, we create solutions for manufacturing improvement and the long-term profitability of both organizations.

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