Aerial Lift Equipment and Fabrication

Aerial lifts are mechanical vehicles used to raise people and equipment to great heights and tight spaces. Sometimes referred to as boom lifts, aerial ladders, cherry pickers, or bucket trucks, aerial lifts feature a hydraulic lift system that extend a platform both horizontally and vertically, allowing the operator to access hard-to-reach areas to complete a job. Developed as an alternative to scaffolding and ladders, the basic components of an aerial lift include a wheeled base structure, an extending arm with chassis, and a flat work platform with operator controls.

Telescopic and Articulating Aerial Lifts

There are two main types of aerial lifts employed, depending on the task. A telescopic boom lift, or stick boom, has a straight lifting arm that extends to impressive heights up to 185 feet. In addition to their vertical capabilities, telescopic booms also offer greater horizontal reach than any other type of aerial platform. They are most commonly used in construction sites, for bridge inspection, industrial maintenance, electrical work, tree trimming, painting, or any job requiring a combination of maximum height and outreach.

Another type of lift called an articulating boom or knuckle boom features hinged arms, rather than straight lifting arms that bend to maneuver a work platform around obstacles. Used to access narrow spaces for maintenance projects or electrical work, articulating booms offer great versatility and can reach up and over obstacles to access difficult work areas.

Aerial Lift Component Manufacturing

O’Neal Manufacturing Services provides fabricated metal components, sub-assemblies, and weldments for many facets of the material handling industry. Featuring advanced equipment and large welding spaces ideal for aerial lift fabrication, OMS offers repeatable component part manufacturing and assembly for aerial work platforms, turn table frames, outrigger assemblies, boom tubes, axle frames, chassis frame covers, and other lift components. With ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities across the country, O’Neal Manufacturing Services is the preferred aerial lift supply chain partner for original equipment manufacturers.