Building Strong Foundations: Steel Plate Fabrication for Modern Bridge Projects

Bridge construction requires steel plate fabrication that meets the highest standards of strength and durability. From cutting and forming, to welding and painting, these fabrication processes ensure the large steel parts used in bridge construction meet the necessary specifications for safety, reliability, and longevity. O’Neal Manufacturing Services provides fully integrated, turnkey fabrication capabilities and maintains a reputation for excellence in the steel industry. We offer many capabilities that are commonly used in bridge construction:

  1. Large Precision Forming: Large and heavy parts require precision bending and forming. With the largest TRUMPF press brake in the country, OMS tackles parts up to 23 feet long with incredible accuracy. With a usable open height of up to 34 inches, large throat depths, and a max press force of 1,100 tons, our hydraulic press brakes bring efficiency and redundancy to your supply chain.
  2. Laser, Plasma, and Oxy Fuel Cutting: From simple shapes to complex parts, our vast cutting capabilities can’t be beat. Oxy fuel is the standard cutting process for most steel bridges and tackles heavy-gauge structural steel plates up to 12” thick. High-definition plasma cutting will process carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum up to 2” thick with increased speed and less distortion. Laser cutting is ideal for clean edges, difficult profiles, and notable perpendicularity.
  3. Manual and Robotic Welding: Proper welding is crucial for creating strong, durable connections between different parts of the bridge. Our experienced teams can accommodate weldments weighing more than 40,000 lbs. Certified welders and welding inspectors ensure your steel, aluminum, or stainless steel fabricated parts are well-made, tested, and structurally sound.
  4. Vertical Machining: Precision machining is used to create specific features on steel plates, such as holes, slots, and other complex shapes. OMS offers multi-angle machining and simultaneous 5-axis contouring essential for secure and long-lasting bridge structure components. This is especially important in bolted connections where precision is critical.
  5. Blasting and Beveling: Our in-house metal finishing capabilities of blasting and beveling will smooth, shape, or roughen a surface or remove surface contaminants. Blast cleaning is a process that uses a mixture of steel particles that are “shot” at the steel to produce a surface profile that will allow the paint to adhere.
  6. Powder Coating and Wet Painting: To protect steel plates from corrosion and environmental damage, OMS provides in-house painting and powder coating for any type of large or complex project. Ruggedness and durability are added with protective layers or weathering steel treatments.