Why Us?

At O’Neal Manufacturing Services, we build things! We are a leader in the fabrication of steel and metal products and were named as #2 in 2019 Fabricators Magazine Fab 40 for 2019. Our culture is driven by honesty, integrity and respect. We set high expectations for ourselves and promote continuous improvement in order to take care of our employees and customers. Our family of employees consists of over 1,400 throughout North America and we pride ourselves in providing a safe, diverse and learning environment. By choosing O’Neal Manufacturing Services, you can be part of a progressive company that builds careers, success and people. We are dedicated to recognizing, respecting, embracing, and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our employees. We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment where differences are positively embraced and everyone feels valued, considered, and accepted.

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Let’s Build Careers

Our legacy began in 1921 and our people continue to define who we are. We have opportunities ranging from production, engineering, quality, safety, and business support and we are always looking to add team members who want to grow their skills, knowledge and experience. We offer multiple training platforms and resources to develop the strengths of our employees and provide opportunities to help build a meaningful career.

Let’s Build Success

  • Focusing on the Future

    Invest long term with our company retirement savings plan and 401K matching. Other benefits include life insurance, financial counseling and profit sharing bonuses.

  • Creating a Connected Culture

    OMS believes in celebrating, whether that’s just for teams to bond or to recognize an achievement. From annual cookouts to golf tournaments, we appreciate our employees and know how to have fun.

  • Community Involvement

    We often facilitate company-wide givebacks to nonprofits and local schools. On an individual basis, employees can take up to eight hours of paid volunteer time a year.

Let’s Build People

  • Here’s to Your Health

    We offer medical, dental and vision insurance. Employees who join our wellness programs can save up to 25 percent on their medical insurance premiums. Plus we have an Employee Assistance Program and local gym memberships are reimbursed as well.

  • Always Educating

    OMS is committed to professional development and advancement. We offer opportunities to broaden skills and knowledge through on-the-job training. We also promote continuing education and provide assistance through tuition reimbursement.

  • Building Better Workers

    New employees receive three weeks of paid time off with no probationary period. As employees continue to grow with the company, they have the opportunity to accrue up to six weeks of PTO per year.

What Our People Have to Say

  • “I’m comfortable being a woman in the steel industry because I work for a company that doesn’t treat me any differently because of it. That’s the most important thing.”

    Amanda Wood

    Materials Manager, Greensboro
  • Clara Jewell
    “I am so blessed to work for a company who steps up to the plate. I have seen how they step up and I have only been here for 7 months. So proud of where I work. I get teary eyed every time.”

    Clara Jewell

    Administrative Associate, Indianapolis
  • Arquis-Stokes-edited
    “I've learned so much at OMS, including several machines, processes, and what it means to work safely. OMS Houston has an outstanding environment that is very accommodating to team members. I would recommend working here to anyone.”

    Arquis Stokes

    Second Shift Laser Operator, Houston
  • Carrier, Clayton
    “Favorite thing about coming to work at OMS Louisville? I would say the camaraderie. Everyone here gets along and works as a team to accomplish the goal. It really does make coming to work fun!”

    Clayton Carrier

    Production Supervisor, Louisville
  • john spencer
    “What advice do you have for prospective OMS candidates? Everyone knows safety is important, but you must believe it and live by it. Never think “it won’t happen to me”. Also don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, if a job opening comes up, don’t be afraid to bid on it. Ask for help when you need it, or suggestions to make the process better.”

    John Spencer

    Production Control Manager, Pittsburgh

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