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June is National Safety Month 

Designated by the National Safety Council, this annual observance aims to increase awareness of the leading safety and health risks facing employees today and to reduce injuries in the workplace. 

Safety topics for June include:

  • Emergency Preparedness – Life-saving techniques such as CPR
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls – Staying safe when working from heights
  • Heat-Related Illness – Precautions during summer months or in confined areas
  • Hazard Recognition – Identifying and avoiding an accident before it occurs


Through the promotion of weekly safety topics, the NSC encourages businesses to develop procedures that prevent injuries, increase productivity, promote loss control, and improve employee morale.

2023 marks the 27th year of celebrating National Safety Month. The NSC believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility.  They encourage employees to take the SafeAtWork Pledge:

  • Actively help my employer improve our safety programs
  • Report hazards promptly and suggest solutions
  • Be a good safety role model for my friends and family, even off the job


For more information on National Safety Month, visit

OMS Ranks High on FAB 40 List

Each year, The FABRICATOR, North America’s leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry, identifies the 40 most successful metal fabricating operations in the country on the basis of reported annual revenue.  It was no surprise that O’Neal Manufacturing Services was ranked among the best on this year’s FAB 40 list.

With a 40% increase in sales year over year, OMS experienced unprecedented revenue growth in 2022.  OMS also grew geographically, with two new locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fayette, Alabama. This expansion as well as the addition of several large new accounts demonstrated the company’s ability to provide additional capacity to meet their customers’ needs.

 “Amid the disruptions from supply chain and other economic factors over the past few years, our business continues not only to thrive but also to provide first-class customer service,” reported Russ Bagby, O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ Chief Financial Officer.

Bagby Added, “While sales growth is fantastic, it would not be sustainable without the commitment of our teams to produce exceptional, quality products and parts for the customers we serve.”

OMS offers multistage processing capabilities and repetitive parts production for large original equipment manufacturers, specializing in fabricated metal components and welded sub-assemblies. Whether driven by increased production capacity or condensed launch-to-market schedules, O’Neal Manufacturing Services offers strategic, long-term benefits to major industrial equipment manufacturers.

As a proud member of the Fabricator’s and Manufacturer’s Association (FMA), O’Neal Manufacturing Services has ranked high on The FAB 40 list for many years and will likely be topping the charts for many more to come.

Outsourcing Construction Equipment Fabrication

Many construction equipment manufacturers outsource production of their heavy plate component parts and assemblies to subcontractors such as custom fabricators. While some parts are managed in-house, outsourcing heavy component projects offers many benefits to these large OEMs, including savings on capital equipment expenses, adherence to project timelines, and reduced labor costs. Partnering with a fabricator to manufacture large parts also allows the construction equipment company to allocate its resources toward primary operations central to its business while focusing on market share and executing sales.

Why Outsource Production?

Custom fabricators specialize in heavy part manufacturing and have the equipment needed to provide multistage processing and repetitive parts production to assist large OEMs. With in-house materials managers and seasoned production teams, these fabricators are considered expert resources in the industry.  Contract manufacturers have the capability to produce burn-to-shape parts, subassemblies, and large components for a variety of construction equipment projects. Many fabricators specialize in high-volume production and offer an extensive lineup of cutting, forming, and bending capabilities, along with welding, powder coating, kitting, and assembly. 

Construction equipment manufacturers often rely on outside fabrication shops to produce high-quality parts that fall under multiple supplier codes. They provide important information to the fabrication teams including verified component measurements, part specifications, and fabrication instructions. Examples of large components produced for the construction equipment industry include:

  • Excavators
  • Skid Steers
  • Loaders
  • Compacting Equipment
  • Engine Mounts
  • Off-Highway Trucks
  • Dozers
  • Compactors


Construction equipment OEMs provide important information to their fabrication counterparts including verified component measurements, part specifications, and fabrication instructions. By outsourcing large parts, these OEMs realize numerous advantages to help reduce their supply base and increase the efficiency of their production team.  In turn, the fabricator produces a high-quality product while taking on the burden of equipment and labor expenses and ensuring the OEMs supply chain runs smoothly.

OMS Cedar Falls Recognized by the National Safety Council

The National Safety Council (NSC) recognized O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) in Cedar Falls, Iowa for completing 1 million consecutive work hours without an occupational injury or illness resulting in days away from work.

“I am extremely proud of our employees and their commitment to working safely,” remarked James Mattson, General Manager for O’Neal Manufacturing Services in Cedar Falls. “We pride ourselves on looking out for each other, investing in our safety processes, and finding ways to continually improve our safety culture. The NSC award validates the priority that OMS places on workplace safety. We are now focused on getting to 2 million hours without a lost time injury.”

In addition to this notable safety achievement, the NSC awarded OMS Cedar Falls with an Occupational Excellence Achievement Award. This award recognized the Cedar Falls team for achieving injury and illness records better than 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for their NAICS code.

Shannon Johnson, Safety Specialist for OMS Cedar Falls shared a popular quote that exemplifies the team’s dedication to workplace safety. “Safety is not a device; it is a state of mind.”

For more than 100 years, the National Safety Council has been a leader in workplace safety. A nonprofit safety advocate, the NSC Council believes that employers who show they care about the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs, and fewer injuries.

OMS Pittsburgh Installs Largest TRUMPF Press Brake in The U.S.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) recently installed a TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake in its Pittsburgh, PA fabrication center. TRUMPF confirmed it to be the largest press brake of its kind in the United States.

“We are excited that O’Neal Manufacturing Services installed a highly flexible, large-format TruBend 8000 series machine – the largest press brake TRUMPF offers to the North American market,” said Roger Michaud, product manager for standalone bending, punching, and combination punch-laser machines at TRUMPF Inc.’s North American headquarters in Farmington, Connecticut.

According to Gus Cassida, O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ general manager in Pittsburgh, the new press brake will complement the fabricator’s extended-length burning and large-format vertical machining capabilities already in place. “The overall size of this press brake combined with its incredible accuracy will provide us with even more production repeatability for large, formed parts,” said Cassida. “It will be a game-changer for our business.”

The TRUMPF TruBend 8010 is the newest addition to the Pittsburgh fabricator’s lineup of precision bending and forming capabilities. This impressive 1,100 US-ton machine gives OMS the ability to bend components up to 23 feet. Featuring a 6-Axis back gauge, useable open height of 34 inches, hydraulic tool clamping, and laser-controlled bending, TRUMPF TruBend 8010 makes it possible to accurately bend nearly any application.  

Currently serving OEMs, bridge & DOT, power transmission, rail, truck and trailer, marine, and heavy construction industries, OMS Pittsburgh offers total supply solutions for large parts. Cassida added, “The TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press will allow OMS to expand our large part business with our current customers in addition to expanding our position with new customers and new markets.”

OMS Houston Receives Safety Award of Honor

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) Houston was recently chosen to receive a 2023 Safety Award of Honor from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA). Open to all FMA company members, the FMA/CNA Annual Safety Awards recognize metal fabrication companies that adhere to excellence in safety.

Sponsored by CNA, the endorsed business insurance carrier for FMA, the awards are designed to promote safety in the industry, and winners are selected by the FMA Safety Council. The Safety Award of Honor is given to companies having a perfect safety record of no recordable injuries or illnesses for the reporting period.

Clark Wood, Director of Safety for O’Neal Manufacturing Services congratulated OMS Houston for being recognized with the Safety Award of Honor. “Our Houston team has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety as an organizational value, and they are one of the OMS locations that are setting a standard for safety excellence.”

Congratulations OMS Houston for achieving this prestigious recognition!

OMS Pittsburgh Receives Safety Award of Honor

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) Pittsburgh was recently chosen to receive a 2023 Safety Award of Honor from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA). Open to all FMA company members, the FMA/CNA Annual Safety Awards recognize metal fabrication companies that adhere to excellence in safety.

Sponsored by CNA, the endorsed business insurance carrier for FMA, the awards are designed to promote safety in the industry, and winners are selected by the FMA Safety Council. The Safety Award of Honor is given to companies having a perfect safety record of no recordable injuries or illnesses for the reporting period.

“I congratulate O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) Pittsburgh on winning a Safety Award of Honor,” said Edward Youdell, president and CEO of FMA. “Safety is clearly a priority for the company. They set a good example for others in the industry. FMA and CNA are proud to recognize all our safety award winners.”

To be eligible to receive recognition, companies were required to submit OSHA Form 300A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, for the period Jan. 1, 2022, through Dec. 31, 2022. Firms of all sizes were eligible. Winners were selected based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code categories and BLS injury and illness incidence rates. The complete list of 2023 award winners has been published on FMA’s blog at .

In addition, OMS – Pittsburgh, has been selected as a finalist for the Rusty Demeules Award for Safety Excellence. Award of Honor recipients were invited to apply for the highest safety honor. It honors long-time former FMA volunteer Rusty Demeules’ passion for creating safe work cultures and is presented to one company each year that best exemplifies a dedication to safety. Rankings were determined by the FMA Safety Technology Council. The winner and honorable mention will be announced at the recognition dinner on May 9.  

Guidelines for Welding Safety

April is National Welding Month. Designed to increase awareness for this vital industry, National Welding Month encourages companies to show appreciation for the impact welders have on their business and on so many of the products we encounter in our daily lives.  At OMS, we recognize the skills required to maintain quality welding standards and the precautions that must be followed to ensure the safety of our team members.  To kick off National Welding Month at OMS, we have identified welding safety precautions to keep top of mind.


Welders are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment to prevent themselves from injury.

A welder’s clothing should allow freedom of movement and also cover all exposed areas of skin. Protective gear includes:

  • Flame-retardant gloves that cover the elbow, wrist, and forearm to shield extremities from spatters, sparks, and heat
  • Long-sleeved shirts or jackets without exposed pockets and cuffless pants that cover the top of boots to keep sparks from collecting in and igniting material
  • ANSI rated, above ankle height, rubber-soled boots with a steel or composite toe to safeguard from toe crushing and electric shock
  • Welding cap and welding helmet with a filter lens and cover plate to protect the face, neck, eyes, and ears against UV and IR radiation, sparks, and flying particles
  • Earplugs to protect from sudden or excessive noise
  • In some cases, a welding respirator made be needed to reduce exposure to airborne welding fumes


Welding equipment should be thoroughly inspected before use.

Welding cables should be free from entanglement and kept out of the way to prevent tripping.  Inspect welding leads for cuts and burn marks that may need repair. Gas cylinders must be stored and secured upright to prevent tipping or falling. Oxygen cylinders must be kept 20 feet away from fuel-gas cylinders. Check valves and flashback arrestors can reduce the volume of gases at the tip/nozzle. Electrode holders and earthing clamps must be in good condition. Generators should be grounded and properly connected to a sufficient power source. ‌


Welding operations should be contained within a safe location.

Designate a specific welding location or bay and shield it with a powder-coated, fire-retardant welding curtain or screen. The primary function offered by the welding screen is to reduce UV light exposure in the vicinity of other workers. They can also reduce the direct exposure of bystanders to fumes produced by welding arcs. Fire extinguishers must be available in all bays. Safeguard immovable fire hazards to protect them from heat, sparks, and hot slags. Ensure proper ventilation through forced air or exhaust to prevent welders and other workers from breathing high levels of airborne contaminants. ‌

Additional welding tools and ergonomic solutions can reduce injury and fatigue.

Avoid fixed work positions to help maintain proper blood supply to muscles and reduce stress. Minimize unnecessary material handling by incorporating lightweight or suspended tools, jigs, and fixtures. Keep elbows close to the body and avoid positions that require the arms to raise over the head. Take sufficient breaks to improve physical comfort and reduce the musculoskeletal impact of repetitive and vibratory tasks. ‌


At OMS, safety is one of our core values. We approach every day as an opportunity to improve safety in our fabrication hubs. During National Welding Month, we draw special attention to the safety of our welders and applaud those who adhere to these guidelines and those set forth by the American Welding Society and OSHA.

April Market Insight

The OMS Market Insight provides monthly market updates and economic news for our industrial manufacturing customers.

Read the complete newsletter here: April Market Insight

Included in this issue:

  • Federal Reserve raised interest rates
  • Key economic indicators
  • Purchasing managers’ index
  • EPA air regulations affecting the metals industry
  • Reshoring and foreign direct investment job announcements

O’Neal Manufacturing Services – Indianapolis Receives Outstanding Safety Recognition 

O’Neal Manufacturing Services – Indianapolis was recognized at the 2023 Indiana Safety and Health Conference and Expo as a Rising Star and a recipient of the Governor’s Workplace Safety Award (GWSA).

The Rising Star Award category is a recognition that highlights companies that have positively impacted employee safety and health and have demonstrated proactive measures to improve safety in the workplace.

OMS Indianapolis’ HSE Manager, Bethany Dowell commented, “I am proud to say that I work with a team that makes safety personal. For us, safety is a way of life and requires us to make good decisions even when nobody is watching.”

The annual Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards provide recognition for companies based on best practices designed to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses and to salute employers who have made safety and health a top priority.

The recipients of this award are evaluated by members of the American Society of Safety Engineers and the Indiana Department of Labor’s INSafe consultation division.

The Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards are a result of a partnership between the Indiana Department of Labor, on behalf of Governor Eric J. Holcomb, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals.

“Safety is a journey that never ends,” remarked General Manager, Federico Fraga. “This recognition is the result of the hard work of all the Indianapolis team members.”

Congratulations to the Indianapolis OMS team on your safety achievement!