Enhanced Bending Capabilities Bolster Manufacturing Redundancies

O’Neal Manufacturing Services was recently highlighted in The Fabricator with an article that emphasizes the customer benefit of the manufacturing redundancy we provide, specifically focusing on operations in our Pittsburgh, PA facility. It highlights OMS’s recent investment in a heavy-duty press brake, enhancing its capability to bend very large workpieces, a development proving to be a competitive advantage.

The technological advantages of the TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake have significantly reduced scrap and improved repeatability. Not to be overlooked are the skilled operators of OMS, who remain crucial to our success, especially in handling large and awkward parts, where safety and expertise are paramount.

In terms of process efficiency, scrap reduction, and overall improvement in bending operations, the article features the transformative impact of Pittsburgh’s newest heavy-duty press brake on our facility’s overall manufacturing capabilities.

Read more on The Fabricator’s website here.

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