Experience Large Precision Forming from OMS

O’Neal Manufacturing Services offers incredible bending accuracy for oversized parts. Our TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake tackles large and heavy parts up to 23′ long with repeatable precision. 

Watch the installation unfold in this captivating time-lapse video and see our TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake in action.

Our newest forming machine features:

  • 1,100 U.S. ton press force
  • Accommodates parts up to 23 feet long
  • Usable open height of 34 inches
  • 6-Axis back gauge
  • Hydraulic tool clamping
  • Laser-controlled bending

Our TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake provides even greater bending capacity than ever before. When you need fast and efficient forming of long and thick parts, reach out to our experienced team of highly skilled fabrication professionals. We offer state-of-the-art equipment to produce complex parts with tight tolerances, precision, and accuracy. Let’s Build Things!®