Facility Spotlight: Iowa Laser

Get to know our locations with our “Facility Spotlights” — Cedar Falls, Iowa is the home of Iowa Laser Technology, an O’Neal Manufacturing Services acquired company as of 2012. 

Chad Meyerhoff, Iowa Laser’s Sales Manager, has worked for the company for 24 years now. He shares that Iowa Laser’s laser cutting capabilities is what separates the company from OMS’s other six facilities. While other facilities within O’Neal Manufacturing Services may specialize in a thicker sheet plate, Iowa Laser specializes in 11 gage-¾ inch sheet thickness.

Meyerhoff states that Iowa Laser was founded in 1978 and began when laser technology was first starting. The company continued to grow as technology evolved, and people of the Iowa community began to view Iowa Laser as their “laser cutting go-to.”

During the transition from being privately-held to becoming apart of OMS facilities in 2012, Meyerhoff believes the most important thing was the help from the OMS corporate staff to understand the system and what was expected of the company. Through OMS, Iowa Laser has reached a “wider customer base,” one of the positive aspects he believes stems from OMS acquiring Iowa Laser.

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