Get to Know OMS – Cincinnati 

O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ Cincinnati is equipped with a diverse range of capabilities to produce metal fabrications and welded assemblies. Original equipment manufacturers and contractors requiring high-volume, light gauge, precision sheet metal fabrication will find innovation and efficiency from our centrally based facility in the tri-state area.  

Integrated Shearing, Punching, and Bending 

Utilizing CNC machinery, our 48-station LVD Strippit turret punch system creates up to 200 holes per minute, making the most of your tooling budget by producing parts with a high pierce count. Both the LVD Strippit and our Salvagnini automation system quickly load, punch, shear, notch, bend, and unload light gauge sheet metal with the shortest cycle times.  

Laser Cutting Precision 

10K fiber laser cutting technology elevates our capabilities to the next level. With a capacity of 5’ x 10’, this advanced cutting method enables us to achieve intricate designs, tight tolerances, and superior edge quality. 

Robotic Welding Excellence 

Enhance your efficiency with our automated welding capabilities. Receive high-volume parts with consistent weld precision through our robotic welding station. We also offer 7 manual welding stations for the greatest capacity and quality finish. 

Powder Coating Perfection 

Aesthetics meet durability with our powder coating line. Featuring dual capabilities of both Autogun and manual spray, we apply epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, or a hybrid finish to a wide range of parts. Our 5-stage wash system, environmentally controlled application booth, and 120 ft. curing oven can accommodate parts ranging from 36” x 48” x 120”. 

Kitting and Assembly 

Streamlining the supply chain is our forte. The Cincinnati facility excels in kitting and assembly for turn-key products and sub-assemblies. Custom operations and Kanban inventory are available to meet your outsourcing needs. 

Partnership Approach 

O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ Cincinnati fabrication plant is a hub of innovation, precision, and reliability. With a comprehensive lineup of equipment, capacity, and manufacturing redundancies, we stand ready to support your supply chain needs.