Power Generation

Longevity and Support for a Diverse Industry

The power generation industry is a dynamic industry that is experiencing constant innovation and product development. However, due to the capital investment required for most power generation equipment, that equipment must perform well for long periods, often under harsh conditions. Fabrication suppliers for power generation equipment need to provide fast assistance on product development and production with stringent quality standards. With over 90 years in experience in metal fabrication and successful project implementations for the power generation industry, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is uniquely qualified to meet the supply chain challenges faced by the industry.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services manufactures high quality metal components and welded assemblies for power generation equipment OEMs. We contribute to our clients’ success by providing strategic outsourcing services coupled with high-quality performance and customer-focused service.


Metal Component Fabrication

OMS specializes in large, machined components and welded assemblies, with capabilities ranging from beveled plate cutting to extensive pre- and post-weld machining. Some of the components we produce are:

  • Trailer frames and skids for mobile power and lighting equipment
  • Tube sheets from ½” to 6″ thick steel plate burned to size
  • Shell plate with beveled edges for welding into a tubular shape.
  • Elliptical and oval beveled holes to accommodate flanges and bolt pads
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Wind Tower internals and nacelle parts
  • Frames and skids that support powerful engines and generators
  • Enclosures for large generators and turbines

Our Commitment to Quality

We have several ISO 9001:2008-certified North American manufacturing facilities that are equipped with technologically advanced fabricating equipment. We offer integrated project management services, new product development engineering collaboration, fabricating, welding and finishing services.

Our staff is committed to manufacturing a high quality product that will meet or exceed expectations, is delivered on schedule and ready for production. We understand the unique demands of the power generation industry and will partner with you to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and your end product is of the highest quality.

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