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Production Support for the Power Generation Industry

Heat exchanger shell and tube repairing in factories of petrochemical industrial

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) recognizes the importance of producing long-lasting, quality parts for power generation equipment that is expected to perform well for extended periods of time under harsh conditions. With over 100 years of experience in metal fabrication and successful project implementations for Power Generation customers, OMS is uniquely qualified to meet the supply chain challenges faced by the industry.

Steel Fabrication for the Energy Sector.

  • Trailer frames and skids for mobile power & lighting equipment
  • Tube sheets from ½” to 6” thick steel plate burned to size
  • Shell plate with beveled edges for welding into a tubular shape
  • Elliptical and oval beveled holes to accommodate flanges and bolt pads
  • Heat exchangers
  • Wind tower internals and nacelle parts
  • Frames and skids that support powerful engines and generators
  • Enclosures for large generators and turbines

Industries We Support with Powerful Steel Fabrication


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