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Safety & Support Across the Globe  Train Signal

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) offers several advantages catering to the needs of the Railroad Crossing & Support Equipment industry. With our wide stock of aluminum and steel raw materials & components, special kitting, packaging & release programs we are well-equipped to exceed customer requirements. By furnishing welded assemblies or kitted components for immediate assembly, OMS can help reduce lead times, minimize work-in-progress, and streamline your production process.

Fabricated Rail Crossing & Support Parts

  • Bridge Crossing Structures
  • Switch Houses
  • Signal Masts
  • Cantilever Arm Counterweights
  • Welded Platforms
  • PTC Components & Masts

With 10 facilities across North America, a skilled staff, and extensive experience, OMS is well-equipped to produce high-quality metal components and provide strategic outsourcing services for the railroad industry.


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