Renewable Energy

Flexible Manufacturing Fuels the Success of Renewable Energy ProjectsRenewable Energy

Renewable energy projects face enormous challenges, including political uncertainties, financial stakeholder demands, and long-term commitments.  As a collective group, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) and our supply chain have the ability to navigate this tremendous opportunity.

For renewable projects, like wind and solar, OMS takes a long-term approach.  With investment in relationships, technology, and in people, today’s challenges allow for great rewards in the future.

Our business model smartly aligns with the demands of the marketplace:

  • Large North American footprint assures manufacturing close to final delivery locations
  • Ability to ‘scale’ to meet not only the production demands of today, but also for the prospects of tomorrow
  • Dedicated manufacturing engineering group to allow your design engineers valued feedback on manufacturability
  • Global supply chain expertise to match material and finishing requirements developed around the world

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