Joseph Truesdale Celebrates 50 Years with OMS

When an employee regards his coworkers as his family, the company knows they have someone special.  When that employee marks 50 years of service and is still going strong, the company knows they have someone extraordinary.

That sentiment was expressed this week as O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ team members and their corporate and parent company leadership gathered to celebrate Joe Truesdale’s 50th work anniversary at the Greensboro, North Carolina steel fabrication plant.

Joe began his career in the steel industry on July 5, 1973, at what was then known as Salem Steel. Over five decades and through the evolution of the company to what is now known as O’Neal Manufacturing Services, Joe held various positions including painter, order puller, truck driver, machine operator, shift supervisor, parts cleaner, and material handler, and he has every intention to keep on going.

“The next 50 years should be just as much fun,” said Joe. With touching words about the family culture of O’Neal Manufacturing Services, Joe expressed a strong bond with his team members who have been there for him along the way. He reflected fondly on his journey with a genuine regard for his work, saying “What you are willing to put in a place is what you get out of it.”  In fact, that is Joe’s advice for prospective employees looking to join his team.

OMS President, Kent Brown, presented Joe with a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey displaying the number 50 and personalized “Mr. Joe”, as he is called by his coworkers. “We’re so grateful for you, Mr. Joe,” remarked Kent. “Your honesty, integrity, and willingness to pitch in wherever needed are a great representation of our company values. You make us a better team.”

Craft O’Neal, Chairman and CEO of O’Neal Industries, the parent company of O’Neal Manufacturing Services added, “O’Neal Industries is dedicated to recognizing, respecting, embracing, and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our employees. Nothing is more complimentary to a successful business than an employee who regards his coworkers as his family. Thank you for all you have done for OMS.”

Joe Truesdale celebrates 50 years with O'Neal Manufacturing Services