June Is the Month to Conduct Your Safety Audit

The National Safety Council, America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, dedicates the month of June to staying safe at work and beyond. This recognition brings extra attention to the safety issues faced in the workplace. O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) took full advantage of the annual observance to outline a safety blitz concept for our industrial fabrication facilities.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Self-Assessment

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) self-assessments are internal audits that help facilities identify risks and eliminate safety hazards to improve their compliance status. The assessment, or safety blitz, is limited in scope and conducted on a routine basis. This process can help facilities focus on areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement while not overwhelming the team.

Elements of the safety blitz program include:

  • Develop a calendar of scheduled inspections
  • Review and divide facility floor plans for inspection
  • Identify a core inspection team
  • Review previous safety action items
  • Conduct facility walk-through, record findings, and capture photos
  • Report findings, clarify needs, and discuss suggestions for improvement
  • Implement improvements and track all findings to their conclusion


Safety in the manufacturing process is paramount to prevent or minimize the risk of worksite injuries. At O’Neal Manufacturing Services, the culture of safety among our team members is a key component of our business operations and success. Let’s Build Safety, not just in June, but every day of the year.