Cedar Falls, IA

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS)-Cedar Falls, Iowa is a 162,000 sq. foot powerhouse of laser-based multi-step processing, CNC milling, laser welding, metal forming, and machined assemblies. This upper Midwest facility showcases an extensive lineup of equipment with experienced personnel to support your supply chain. As one of the most established laser-based processing facilities in the United States, OMS Cedar Falls is a recognized leader in steel sheet and tube fabrications for original equipment manufacturers.

At O’Neal Manufacturing Services, the guiding force behind everything we do is our commitment to quality, integrity, and expertise. Our diverse inventory and advanced manufacturing experience allow us to offer shorter lead times and creative laser-based fabrication solutions along with hands-on, personalized customer service.


High-Tech Equipment

With cutting-edge CNC milling equipment, 5-axis lasers, and other advanced machinery, our facility is equipped to produce difficult profiles, tight tolerances and high-speed cutting requirements efficiently and accurately.

Project & Risk Management

From day one our priority is to understand your needs and create customized workflows to fulfill them. Utilizing the Kanban Management process, our team identifies potential bottlenecks in the process and mitigates these challenges to stay on schedule and deliver parts to your exact specifications.

Experience & Expertise

Our experienced staff is highly skilled in every aspect of metal fabrication. Our diverse industry knowledge allows us the tools to mix best practices with creative solutions so that the finished product exceeds your expectations.



Quality & Safety Guaranteed

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we value providing reliable, trustworthy fabrication services using best practices while constantly improving processes to meet the latest standards of safety for our employees. By supporting a safe working environment, we’re able to reduce risks, identify potential hazards, and avoid production-halting missteps—ensuring quality across the board.


Your Trusted Partner in Metal Fabrication

At O’Neal Manufacturing Services, our top priority is to provide honest, reliable, quality service. That’s why we’ve been a trusted supplier for more than 40 years to major OEMs across North America including agriculture, material handling, power generation, construction equipment, elevation and moving stairways, industrial equipment and more. As a leader in the industry, OEMs can expect transparency and communication from day one to delivery. Our knowledgeable team of professionals combine skill, experience, and creative thinking to streamline the production process and keep your projects on schedule, on budget, and on time.

OMS Cedar Falls Facility

7100 Chancellor Drive

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

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