Indianapolis, IN

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS)-Indianapolis is a powerhouse in multi-step processing and machined assemblies. At over 203,000 square feet, our facility specializes in an extensive lineup of welding and metal processing (including machining, bending, punching and saw cutting). With our comprehensive experience and machining capabilities, we’re able to develop, manufacture, and deliver precision metal products across industries like construction, agricultural and material handling equipment, as well as energy, rail and elevators.

While we have the resources and capabilities of a big business, our commitment to providing hands-on, quality customer service is what sets us apart. OMS-Indianapolis strives to partner with OEMs, developing creative manufacturing solutions that fit your needs, delivering quality products on time, all the time.


Full-Service Metal Fabrication

We pride ourselves as the all-in-one source for high-quality metal fabrication services. Our advanced machinery and extensive capabilities allow us to streamline processes so you stay on schedule and within budget.

Project & Risk Management

Whether short term or long term, every project requires an ability to respond quickly to changes, stay on schedule, and deliver quality products. Utilizing the Kanban and make-to-order techniques, our team adapts quickly to mitigate challenges and deliver accurately and on time.

Experience & Expertise

Whether the project is simple or complex, our talented team has the diverse skillset and industry experience to offer creative steel fabrication solutions that produce results. We are available, responsive, and proactive—so you know you’ve got a reliable partner from day one.



High Safety Standards & Quality Practices

At OMS-Indianapolis, we are committed to a culture of safety and hazard reduction. The working environment of a metal fabrication facility demands rigorous training and an engrained understanding of safety initiative guidelines.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, we value providing reliable, trustworthy fabrication services using best practices while constantly improving processes to meet the latest standards of safety for our employees. By supporting a safe working environment, we’re able to reduce risks, identify potential hazards, and avoid production-halting missteps—ensuring quality across the board.

Our dedication to the safety and wellness of our team goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to the safety of the public. As a Canadian Weld Bureau Certified company, all personnel must be deemed competent to weld via a series of tests, all operations must be overseen by qualified individuals, and all welding processes must follow proven, qualified welding procedures to the highest standard.


Your trusted, strategic partner in metal fabrication

At OMS-Indianapolis, our top priorities are to provide affordable solutions, exceptional service, and the best quality metal components for your business. Our customer base includes some of the most advanced equipment manufacturers in the world, not only because of what we are able to do but because of how we do it. From day one, OEMs can expect consistent communication and hands-on guidance from a skilled and knowledgeable staff with heavy experience in industries like lift truck, elevator, agricultural and construction equipment and energy.

With shorter lead times, creative manufacturing solutions, and a consistent record of delivering quality products on time, we outperform our competitors every step of the way.

OMS Indianapolis Facility

9990 East 56th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46236

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