National Safety Month- Walt Brittain

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS)- Birmingham, AL

Walt Brittain- Director of Safety

Describe your background in Safety:

I started my career in Safety in 1998 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have worked in General Industry, Construction and Demolition during my career. I have worked in 40 of the 50 states.

How do you educate on-site personnel regarding safety procedures and how do you ensure their safety?

Our playbook in our Safety RoadMap. I try to give everyone every ounce of knowledge I have so they can be better than me. If I can’t give them the tools or the answers, I help find someone who can.

What steps do you take when investigating an on-site incident?

The good and bad part about my job is that I get to play armchair quarterback. I do try to let the teams at our locations get a grip on the incident before I jump in and start sorting everything out.

How do you ensure to keep your knowledge of safety and health regulations up to date?

Webinars and newsletters.

Describe your daily routine as Director of Safety:

The safety team makes my job very easy.

Do you believe that all incidents (injuries, near misses, etc.) can be prevented?

Yes, if you plan safety into your work.

If you could make one safety improvement, what would it be?

If we never had to touch a part again.

What are you most proud of?

Our OMS Safety Team. I would put them up against any Safety Team out there! We have a world class safety culture on a small budget. This is all because of the support and belief in our safety program at every plant.

Thank you Walt for ensuring the safety of our OMS family each and every day!