OMS Launches EPIC Leadership Program

Our first core value as a company states, “People are our greatest asset.”

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is supporting this value through an employee succession program designed to develop our future company leaders. The EPIC curriculum is constructed to inspire participants beyond the ordinary through an 18-month program focused on the topics of Empowerment, Performance, Innovation, and Character.

14 participants are enrolled in the inaugural EPIC program, representing each OMS facility in the United States and Mexico. Over the next year and a half, they will experience 1:1 coaching sessions, in-person and virtual training, visit each U.S. facility, and partake in MSCI’s leadership class at West Point.

2023 EPIC Emerging Leaders Include:

Mary McCubbins   Production Supervisor  Louisville 
Jason Smith  Assistant General Manager  Indianapolis  
Bethany Dowell  Safety Manager  Indianapolis 
Luis Heredia  Sales Manager  Indianapolis 
John Spencer  Production Manager  Pittsburgh 
Aaron Ramsey  Sales Manager  Pittsburgh 
Brandon Hall  Assistant General Manager   Cincinnati 
Amanda Wood  General Manager  Greensboro 
Heath Webb  Production Manager  Fayette 
Jason Davis  Sales Manager  Houston 
Joe Becker  Production Manager  Houston 
Angel Chamberlin  Assistant General Manager  Cedar Falls 
Luis Paras  Production Manager  Monterrey  
Roberto Alvarez   Production Manager  Monterrey  

Along with two of our regional general managers as their mentors, Gus Cassida and Federico Fraga, EPIC participants receive direction from our talent manager, Patricia Woods, our human resource team, and OMS directors/internal subject matter experts representing each department.

EPIC cohorts will emerge from the program with the skills to maximize their professional potential and lead O’Neal Manufacturing Services into the future.