OMS: What We’re Made Of #LetsBuildThings

Strategic Manufacturing Support

  • Project Management that Delivers Beyond Capacity & Capability- At O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) you will have a supply chain partner working to strategically reduce your company’s total manufacturing costs and deliver high-quality products when scheduled. Some of our services include: a process-driven manufacturing culture, reinvestment in technologically-advanced equipment, and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).


  • Support-Focused Manufacturing as an Extension of Your Business: OMS has earned our reputation as a leading manufacturer of fabricated metal components and welded sub-assemblies by contributing to our customers’ product and supply chain requirements. Our industry expertise and automated manufacturing processes allows us to fabricate high quality components and products efficiently, saving costs and ensuring timely delivery. Our project management capabilities include: engineering assistance on new product development, management and tracking of our production process, as well as reporting and communication to ensure our clients that OMS is fully integrated into their supply chain management process.


  • Strategic Risk Management: Disruptions in the supply chain can affect your sleep schedule, and worse yet, bring your production to a halt. OMS offers strong continuity plans to mitigate risks and eliminate supply chain disruptions. With multiple strategically- located, North American manufacturing plants, quality production are supported through manufacturing redundancy. By developing business continuity plans that support value-added collaboration and sustainability in the supply relationship, OMS brings significant value to strategic sourcing and procurement throughout the part life cycle.
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