Protect Your Assets with Security Cabinets for Maximum Protection

Government entities utilize heavy-duty filing cabinets designed to protect sensitive and confidential information. These organizations need a reliable partner to ensure their cabinets are crafted to maintain maximum document security.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) provides cabinets and enclosures built with an elevated level of security for their contents. Following customers’ specific design requirements, OMS enlists proven fabrication methods to ensure that filed contents are kept private and uncompromised even in the most intrusive circumstances. 

Custom Fabrication Options

Recognizing that the needs of each organization may differ, OMS offers customizable fabrication services for cabinet drawers, frames, and shelves. With in-house manufacturing capabilities of shearing, punching, forming welding, powder coating, kitting, and assembly, OMS ensures the cabinet solution aligns seamlessly with the specific design and security preferences of its customers.

GSA-Approved Security Cabinets

GSA (General Services Administration) approved security containers are specialized storage solutions designed to meet the stringent security requirements set by the U.S. government for the protection of classified information and assets. O’Neal Manufacturing Services provides Class-6, GSA-approved security cabinets under Federal Specification AA-F-358. OMS builds to the specific needs of our customers requiring security cabinets resistant to 20-man hours surreptitious entry and 30 man-minutes covert entry.

Outsource Security Cabinet Fabrication with Confidence

The proven fabrication methods of OMS ensure that filed contents are kept private and uncompromised. In addition, O’Neal Manufacturing Services offers complex supply chain management and integration through tested manufacturing processes for development and production. Their industry expertise ensures that confidentiality isn’t just a promise – it’s a guarantee.