Railroad Equipment Manufacturing

The railway industry provides essential transportation solutions that connect America’s goods and services. Our railroads are vital to the U.S. economy, carrying loads of cargo across the country more efficiently than any other mode of transportation.

As a key supplier to the industry, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) provides strategic fabrication services including heavy steel frames and structures essential for rail cars and locomotives, components for rail crossing and ancillary structures, and lightweight aluminum parts and assemblies. In addition, we supply special steel profiles for rail fastening, construction components for railroad tracks, and flats and angles with special dimensions for railroad cars. Our extensive rail industry manufacturing experience results in high-quality products to keep this vital industry on track.

Rail Car Components That Keep Our Trains Moving

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is highly experienced in the fabrication of rail car components. From simple punched or burned parts to complex weldments and heavy steel rail car frames, OMS serves rail car customers with repeatability and cost-efficiency. Examples of rail car components we produce include:


  • Frames & Supports
  • Manway Covers
  • Buckets & Hoppers
  • Dividers
  • Wheel Supports
  • Housings & Enclosures
  • Equipment Guards & Protectors
  • Rails, Ladders, and Cage Ladders
  • Specialized & General-Purpose Components

Project Management and Fabrication for Locomotive Manufacturers

O’Neal Manufacturing Services supports the locomotive manufacturing supply chain with improved production throughput, reduced inventory exposure, and expedited speed to market. Examples of locomotive components we produce include:

  • End Plate Assemblies
  • Snowplows
  • Collision Posts
  • Truck Pin Assemblies
  • Platform Sills & Sill Beams
  • Ed & Deck Platform Plates
  • Brake Levers
  • Step/Stair Assemblies
  • Safety Rails
  • Cab & Roof Components
  • Bolster and Support Assemblies

Rail Support and Safety Equipment Manufacturing

Railroad safety and track repair products ensure our nation’s railyards operate securely and efficiently. OMS furnishes railroad crossing equipment suppliers with welded assemblies and kitted components to support their manufacturing supply chain. Our wide stock of aluminum and steel parts coupled with kitting, packaging, and release programs will help reduce lead times and streamline overall part production. Rail crossing, safety, and support components we provide include:

  • Bridge Crossing Structures
  • Switch Houses
  • Signal Masts
  • Cantilever Arm Counterweights
  • Welded Platforms
  • PTC Components & Masts

Association of American Railroads Quality Assurance Program Certification

O’Neal Manufacturing Services has met the requirements of the Association of American Railroads with AAR M-1003 certification. Our highly skilled teams and advanced fabricating, assembly, and finishing capabilities have earned us a reputation for excellence in the rail industry.

We provide our OEM clients with a reliable supply of quality-approved metal components, ensuring that they have the inventory needed to maintain production schedules. With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise, OMS is a trusted supplier of fabricated metal components and welded sub-assemblies that are essential to the successful operation of our nation’s railroad manufacturers.