Retirement Assistance in Monterrey

O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ (OMS) Monterrey facility hosted a meeting to assist employees 50 years and older in learning their next steps for retirement.

In Monterrey, Mexico, Afore Banorte’s team and their HR Manager, Juan Rodriguez, met with 70 employees to talk about their retirement plans. These meetings took place over multiple days, ensuring that both day and night shift employees could attend. The team provided detailed focus for the employees so that they would know what they can do to prepare for retirement.


The team met with the employees with one goal in mind — to walk them through their current living situations and create awareness for the next step in their lives. Each job title that OMS Monterrey has includes subdivisions or categories that relate to different levels of job skill. The more skills that an employee gains, the higher category that an employee will be in. Each person is encouraged to improve in their working category so that they can win every benefit and bonus that OMS provides for them. If they are brought up to a higher category of excellence, they receive salary increases that reflect the pensions they will receive upon retirement.


Thank you to OMS Monterrey for hosting this retirement awareness meeting and thank you to all of the employees for your hard work at OMS. We look forward to seeing what you accomplish before your well deserved retirement! #LetsBuildPeople #LetsBuildThings