Kanban Management

Kanban economic order quantity

At O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) we utilize Kanban, a management system that aims help you visualize work and maximize efficiency while constantly improving. This allows us to actively improve supply chains for our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers by using Kanban as a tool for lean manufacturing—helping prevent a surplus of inventory by initiation production only to restock empty reserves.

When outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing, it is recommended to choose a supplier that offers Kanban programs. Kanban improves operations, lowers overhead costs, standardizes production goals leading to increased efficiency and improved flow, teamwork, and responsiveness to changes in demand.

OMS is not only committed to producing the highest quality, most accurate parts for our OEMs, we are able to actively improve their supply chains by providing processes and equipment that make production more efficient and cost-effective. This sets us apart from other manufacturers.

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