O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is a leading provider of high quality machined metal components for OEM clients worldwide. We specialize in partnering with our clients to provide strategic outsourcing of metal components for their industrial equipment manufacturing operations. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities, complex project management systems and customer-focused culture ensure that our products meet critical requirements and delivery deadlines.


Our contract CNC metal machining capabilities include:

  • Multiple ISO 9001:2008-certified production facilities throughout North America, offering significant capacity and manufacturing redundancies
  • Fully automated, integrated fabricating and cutting equipment representing the most current technologies
  • Vertically-integrated turnkey manufacturing processes including extensive, in-house 2nd and 3rd step processing capabilities
  • Collaboration on new and existing products using our integrated Value-Analysis/Value- Engineering (VA/VE) process. VA/VE allows manufacturing engineers to validate the manufacturing process prior to production, saving development time and reducing costs.
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process

Our production facilities are equipped with over 30 machining centers, from high production CNC machines to large, 5-face machining centers. We are able to machine components ranging from small, complex parts to large structural frames. Our staff evaluates each project to determine the most efficient and effective manufacturing process with the goal of saving production time and costs, while maintaining or improving the part’s functionality. We utilize the latest tooling to reduce part cycle times while meeting the tightest tolerances and leverage the use of 4- and 5-axis machining centers to eliminate the need for additional manufacturing processes.

At OMS, we are committed to manufacturing high quality components that meet your exact specifications efficiently. Our experienced staff works with each client to ensure that the product we deliver will perform at or above expectations, is delivered on schedule, and on budget.


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