Oxy Fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel flame cutting is a steel cutting process utilizing a chemical reaction between oxygen and the base metal at extreme temperatures. A single machine, equipped with multiple torches, can cut almost all grades of carbon and alloy steel plate. Oxy-fuel flame cutting is best on heavy gauge plate and does not work on stainless, aluminum, or nickel alloys because of the lack of carbon.

Oxy-fuel flame cutting applies to a variety of processes used to produce steel cut plates. Flame cut products range from simple shapes to intricate profiles. O’Neal Manufacturing Services provides detailed solutions to semi-finished parts through bevelingmachiningpunching, drilling, and forming, as well as other processes.


Oxygen fuel cutting uses several different preheating flames that allow for the direction of the cut to be changed seamlessly making cleaner cuts. Large and thick sections of material can also be cut more efficiently as the oxy fuel cutter is light and quiet, requiring little effort to use.


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