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Kanban Management

Kanban economic order quantity

At O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) we utilize Kanban, a management system that aims to help you visualize work and maximize efficiency while constantly improving. This allows us to actively improve supply chains for our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers by using Kanban as a tool for lean manufacturing—helping prevent a surplus of inventory by initiating production only to restock empty reserves.

Improve Operations and Lower Production Costs

When outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing, it is recommended to choose a supplier that offers Kanban programs. Kanban improves operations, lowers overhead costs, and standardizes production goals leading to increased efficiency and improved flow, teamwork, and responsiveness to changes in demand.

OMS is not only committed to producing the highest quality, most accurate parts for our OEMs, we can actively improve their supply chains by providing processes and equipment that make production more efficient and cost-effective. This sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Steel Fabrication

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is a supplier of fabricated steel components and welded assemblies.  We work hard to solve your unique design-to-manufacturing challenges and will create the most effective solution for your project. Specializing in parts that originate from medium to heavy gauge steel plates (1/8” or thicker), we have the skill, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to produce complex parts and tight tolerances with precision and accuracy.  custom steel fabrication

Custom Fabrication for High Volume Production  

  • Construction Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Railroad Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Military & Defense
  • Power Generation

A Commitment to Quality

OMS offers vertically integrated turnkey manufacturing processes including extensive in-house 2nd and 3rd step processing capabilities. Our fully automated steel fabrication equipment represents the most current in technology. Each facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified offering significant capacity and manufacturing redundancies. We practice collaboration on new and existing products using our Value-Analysis/Value-Engineering (VA/VE) process. This allows us to validate the manufacturing process prior to production, saving development time, reducing costs, and delivering on schedule every time.