Precision Leveling

Precision LevelingTo improve assembly and weld fit-up in downstream applications, many customers are requesting tighter specifications for the flatness of steel parts. With one of the largest hydraulic parts levelers in North America, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) parts flattening equipment offers:

  • Leading FlatMaster equipment from Arku, the experts in leveling technology
  • Parts leveling to 1.675” thick and 78” wide
  • Parts flattening equipment in Alabama and North Carolina facilities
  • Value-added processing including plasmalaser cutting,
  • forming and welding


Complex manufacturing of welded fabrications and assemblies requires parts with specific tolerance to ensure consistent expectations, improve assembly times and avoid high labor costs with rework. As manufacturers look for supply chain improvements, labor costs and production efficiency gains are prime candidates.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is a leader in meeting or exceeding specifications from heavy equipment OEMs. OMS is normally flattening and leveling parts that are cut from metal plate and sheet and can vary extensively in shape and size with multiple openings and tightly tolerance hold profiles.

At OMS, we are committed to manufacturing high quality parts and components that meet your exact specifications. Our experienced staff works with each client to ensure that the product we deliver will perform at or above expectations.


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