Steel Profiles for Industry-Specific Applications

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) offers special steel profiles for a wide range of markets. These custom-shaped bars are rolled or extruded in a variety of material grades and equip OEMs with quality components while reducing their overall production costs.

Manufacturers purchase these special profiles in specific shapes in place of forming and fabricating the geometric-shaped steel sections themselves. By doing so, the manufacturer eliminates several machining steps which result in time and labor cost savings, reduced machine and tool expenditures, and reduced material investment.

Steel profiles are made from a variety of material grades and can be developed to include specific properties and surface finish. Steel I-beams, guide rails, C-channels, and carriage bars are examples of standard steel profiles which are often used in the material handling and linear motion industries. In addition to these, there are many special steel profiles that are custom designed for proprietary use in specific applications and industries.

  • Special profiles for the material handling industry include forklift mast and telescopic guide rails for high racking and shelving systems.
  • Pipe couplings, corner profiles, and locking profiles for sheet piling are critical components of the construction industry.
  • The railroad industry requires steel profiles for rail fastening and track construction.
  • Special profiles for blade holders and corn pickers are used in the agricultural industry.
  • The automotive industry uses hinge profiles for car and truck doors.
  • Steel profiles are used in linear guide rail systems for motion/bearing controls in the Industrial market.

Original equipment manufacturers have turned to O’Neal Manufacturing Services for reliable steel parts to meet their production deadlines. Our partnership with multiple mill sources enables us to offer both standard steel profiles and custom-designed special profiles for a variety of industry applications. We provide net or near-net shapes for custom profiles as well as kitting and packaging services, and just-in-time delivery. Experience reduced labor costs, lower material costs, and production time savings by purchasing steel profiles from O’Neal Manufacturing Services.