Structural Steel Angle and Flat Bar Components

Reliable Steel Angle Fabrication

Construction companies and large equipment manufacturers often search for a reliable fabrication partner to provide heavy-duty steel components that adhere to their planned run schedule. As a fabricator of choice for manufacturers seeking high-volume, structural steel angle and flat bars, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is a trusted solution provider for repetitive structural steel part production. View our CNC Angle Line capabilities.

Speed and Efficiency

Traditional steel angle and flat bar fabrication often involve labor-intensive processes like sawing, burning, and machining. OMS eliminates these time-consuming steps through its advanced machinery and automation. Featuring high-volume production capability, CNC Angle lines produce segments of angle and flat bar stock at a rapid speed, with no manual drilling. With automated angle masters equipped to handle large-scale production, OMS ensures structural steel components are fabricated accurately and efficiently and allows OEM projects to move forward at a faster pace, saving valuable time and resources.

Precision and Consistency

CNC Angle Lines offer manufacturing versatility and can be programmed to create an array of angle and hole patterns tailored to specific project requirements. OMS offers fully programmable CNC Angle Lines to fabricate precisely punched, marked, and sheared steel components. Maintaining part accuracy, improving productivity, and reducing scrap are top of mind for structural equipment manufacturers. Angle and flat bar fabrication from OMS not only speeds up production but also reduces the potential for errors and waste.

Steel Angle Use

Often referred to as angle iron or angle bar, structural steel angles are produced in the form of brackets, trims, clips, and gusset plates. Steel angles create connections between different components and provide stability to support heavy loads. They can be found in a wide range of construction projects, including buildings, bridges, and mezzanines. They are also used to join sections of railroad tracks and can be found in tank cars, trailers, truck beds, utility carts, forklifts, excavators, frames, shelves, and other components requiring stability and reinforcement.

Multiple Locations for Convenience

O’Neal Manufacturing Services has ten strategically positioned facilities across North America with three specific fabrication plants boasting CNC Angle Lines in Indianapolis, IN; Houston, TX; and Louisville, KY. This geographical spread allows OMS to effectively cater to the diverse needs of its clients and ensures angle and flat bar fabrication services are easily accessible to customers across the nation.

Comprehensive Structural Angle Solutions

When it comes to structural steel angle and flat bar fabrication, O’Neal Manufacturing Services stands out as a reliable and efficient partner. By providing CNC Angle lines, OMS demonstrates a commitment to high-volume production for large equipment manufacturers and others seeking quality steel components. For OEMs looking to boost their angle and flat bar component production while maintaining part accuracy and improving productivity, O’Neal Manufacturing Services is the solution.