Structural Steel for the Construction Industry

Large metal structures and frames are the building blocks of our communities. From I-beams and steel plates to reinforced steel bars, channels, tubes, pipes, angles, and flats, these metal parts are the backbone of society. Used to build our workplaces, roads, farms, and factories, the construction industry’s use of structural steel parts makes up half of all the steel consumption on our planet. With its ability to take on many shapes, and the durability to sustain our greatest formations, structural steel is the ideal material for creating foundations that stand the test of time.

Features and Applications of Structural Steel Parts

Structural steel parts are sturdy and durable. Composed of iron and carbon, structural steel contains a higher tensile strength and maintains an increased strength-to-weight ratio over its mild steel counterparts. When fabricated and erected, these steel parts are capable of handling heavy loads without buckling or eroding over time. They maintain a high wind load, have great constructability, and, of course, are incredibly strong.  Structural steel is highly resistant to heat, and it is waterproof, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and extremely long-lasting. The versatility of this hard-wearing metal makes it the preferred building material for the construction industry and ideal for the following applications:

  • Buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Parking Decks
  • Warehouses
  • Elevators
  • Trailers
  • Work Benches
  • Bridges
  • Ships
  • Oil Rigs
  • Pipe Racks
  • Transmission Towers
  • Solar Panels
  • Reservoirs

Fabrication of Structural Steel Parts

The fabrication process of structural steel parts consists of cutting, forming, welding, and assembly to form a structure or component. Common structural shapes include I-shaped cross-sections, hollow structural sections, L-shaped cross-sections, Z-shapes, C-beams, T-shaped cross-sections, bars, rods, joints, and plates. Experienced metal fabricators are often enlisted to supply these shapes to busy construction equipment OEMs and heavy industrial contractors. Fabricators can produce custom steel beams, columns, trusses, and other structural elements according to the specific requirements of the construction project. O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) has both the resources and capacity to support the material needs of the construction industry. From simple burn-to-shape parts to subassemblies with multiple components, our ability to produce parts that fall under multiple supplier codes offers numerous advantages to construction OEMs and their production teams.

Structural Beam Line Processing

O’Neal Manufacturing Services offers robotic beam line processing for structural steel applications. Our PythonX® robotic beam line makes multi-faceted cuts to rolled steel sections and steel beams. Channels, beams, angle iron, square and rectangular HSS, flat bars, strip plates, and stair stringers are measured and cut with highly accurate results. CNC beam drilling technology ensures coping, notching, mitering, tapping, and countersinking are carried out with maximum efficiency to produce:

  • Bevel Angles
  • Bolt Holes
  • Copes
  • Cut-Outs
  • Cut-To-Length
  • Miter Cuts
  • Notches
  • Slots
  • T-Beams

 Angle and Flat Bar Fabrication

Clips, angles, gusset plates, and braces are essential components of the metal construction process. OMS offers angle and flat bar processing with our programmable CNC angle lines.  Angle lines punch and shear flat bar or angled bar, while maintaining part-to-part accuracy and reducing scrap. By utilizing CNC angle lines, segments of angle and bar stock are fabricated at a rapid speed and with no manual drilling. Original equipment manufacturers turn to OMS for angle line processing of heavy steel parts used in the following industries:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Communication
  • Power Generation
  • Railcar and Tank Car
  • Material Handling

Manufacturing Expertise for Your Supply Chain

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) brings over 100 years of industry expertise to your manufacturing supply chain. We recognize the demands of the construction industry and provide strategic fabrication support and superior products. Our teams are adept at solving your unique design-to-manufacturing challenges and will create the most effective supply chain solution for your project.

OMS provides fabricated metal components, sub-assemblies, and weldments to the manufacturers that power our homes, move our goods, build our structures, and drive our economy. Each of our North American facilities is equipped with state-of-the-art steel fabrication equipment and offers significant capacity and manufacturing redundancy. Our tagline says it all. Let’s Build Things®.