Tube Laser Cutting Support For Original Equipment Manufacturers

From building construction to industrial machinery, and recreational equipment to automotive parts, metal tubes and profiles can be found in a wealth of applications.  Fabricating metal tubes and pipes through traditional methods such as plasma cutting, abrasive stamping, and drilling can be a slow process with complex positioning and low accuracy. Tube laser cutting technologies have made notable advancements to this process, and the resulting quality and production efficiencies have greatly improved.

Tube laser cutting is an excellent process for fabricating standard or complex parts that require extreme cutting precision while minimizing downstream tasks. Tube, channel, or structural shapes are cut to length with extreme accuracy and speed. But the benefits don’t stop there. In a single operation, our lasers cut tubes into sections and also create perforations and complex contours. This advanced cutting produces turnkey parts with a tight tolerance that require no additional deburring.

Solid-state lasers have a broad processing spectrum, high feed rates, and flexible capabilities.  A variety of materials with different wall thicknesses and profile geometries are cut with such high quality that no additional finishing work is required. For cost-effective manufacturing, our tube lasers offer versatility for a wide range of design options with significantly fewer steps.  With no need for sawing, drilling, or deburring, tube laser cutting and processing solutions from OMS will reduce the time, waste, and overall cost of your project.

Our comprehensive tube processing equipment ranges from high-tech tube lasers to traditional metal saws and tube bending equipment that handle swaging, cutting, punching, trimming, and bending with ease.  Through vertically integrated, turnkey fabrication and our significant capacity to support your manufacturing redundancies, OMS is well-equipped to deliver quality parts that meet your schedule. 


Trumpf Tube Laser Cutting Machine