In 1921, Kirkman O’Neal started a small steel fabricating business in Birmingham, Alabama.  He once said in a 1926 interview with The Birmingham News, “We turn out each piece of work and each contract the very best that can be done, and we are determined that it shall be satisfactory.” That set the tone for the strong work ethic and business philosophy that O’Neal Manufacturing Services is known for today.

Over the last 100 years, the small steel fabricating company Kirkman O’Neal began has evolved into the nation’s largest family-owned network of metal service centers and component and tube manufacturing businesses. As a subsidiary of what is now known as O’Neal Industries, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) offers multistage processing capabilities and repetitive parts production for large original equipment manufacturers around the world.

By functioning as an extension of each customer’s business and providing a complete supply chain solution for unprecedented production efficiency, OMS has established a formidable reputation among OEMs as a reliable resource for large-scale and labor-intensive jobs that require specialized facilities and a high degree of manufacturing expertise.

Since its inception, OMS has continuously expanded its geographic footprint and now maintains 10 strategically located facilities across North America.  With some of the industry’s most advanced equipment and processing capabilities, OMS provides highly integrated manufacturing solutions for fabricated metal components and welded assemblies to a broad range of industries including agricultural equipment, material handling, construction, renewable energy, and more.

As we celebrate a century of service, we are grateful to our customers who helped us get here. We are proud of who we are and excited to share our future. Let’s Build Things®


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