Facility Spotlight: OMS Houston

We are excited to share another “Facility Spotlight” post on our Houston, Texas facility.

George Torres, OMS Account Manager, went into detail of milestones Houston has experienced in the past few months. Since Torres joined the OMS team two years ago, our Houston facility has transitioned from the original location, which opened back in 1988, to a new plant that they moved into February 2018 . He shared many benefits regarding the move, stating that “The new warehouse is laid out more efficiently, causing workflow and moral to improve as a result.”

Additionally, Houston is currently implementing a paint booth. By adding a paint booth, Houston has been able to pursue new business and pick up new accounts. Weldments that require painting can now be done in house and will no longer have to be done separately.

When asked what makes Houston unique, Eric Simpson, OMS Sales Manager, states that “Houston is right in the center of a huge amount of energy, rail, heavy equipment, and general fabrication manufacturers and contractors.” Simpson believes Houston’s greatest strength is “working out exceptionally cost-effective solutions for customer needs” not only in Texas, but in surrounding states as well.

Stay up-to-date on our other five facilities in the upcoming weeks as we share more “Facility Spotlight” posts.