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Railroad Equipment Supplier Supporting Transport and Safety rail car on tracks

OMS provides strategic outsourcing services for the railroad industry including heavy steel frames and structures essential for rail cars and locomotives, components for rail crossing and ancillary structures, and lightweight aluminum parts and assemblies. We have extensive rail industry manufacturing experience and supply specialized heavy weld fabrications with repeatability and cost-efficiency. As a leading fabrication supplier of metal components for railroad equipment manufacturers, we have built a reputation in the industry by contributing value to our customer’s performance.

OMS is Certified AAR M-1003

O’Neal Manufacturing Services advanced fabricating, assembly and finishing capabilities result in high-quality products, delivered on time, that will meet or exceed customer expectations.  Our skilled teams In Louisville, KY and Houston, TX are certified AAR M-1003 by the Association of American Railroads.

Steel Profiles for the Railroad Industry

With a wide stock of steel and aluminum raw materials & components, along with special kitting, packaging & release programs, O’Neal Manufacturing Services can help reduce lead times and minimize work-in-progress for our customers. The railroad equipment industry requires steel profiles for rail fastening and track construction as well as rail cars. By purchasing custom-made special profiles from OMS, our customers experience reduced time and labor costs, lower machine and tool expenditures, and gain overall material investment savings while receiving steel sections with the geometry and composition to precisely match their specifications.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is highly experienced in the production of rail car components. From complex weldments like manway covers to rail car frames and simple punched or burned parts, OMS has the capabilities and national footprint to service our rail car customers’ needs with quality and repeatability. We offers a strategic advantage to our locomotive manufacturing partners by producing complex components and heavy fabrications between multiple North American facilities. Through our internal partnership, we provide an effective supply option to improve production throughput, reduce inventory exposure and expedite speed to market.




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