Fayette, AL

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) Fayette, Alabama is a 130,000 sq. foot custom steel fabrication center.  Featuring multiple manual and robotic welding stations, laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting, beam line, wet painting, and more, our heavy-industry manufacturing plant has the equipment and personnel to support your supply chain.  With ample welding capacity, this key Alabama facility is ideally situated to support OEMs in the southeast.


Full-Service Metal Fabrication

Specializing in heavy-industry manufacturing with an abundance of floor space and multiple weld cells, OMS Fayette offers a wide range of complexity in our fabrication abilities.

Project & Risk Management

Our experienced team offers repeatable welding and fabrication support for your supply chain. We provide our OEM clients with a reliable supply of quality-approved metal components, ensuring that they have the inventory needed to maintain production schedules.

Experience & Expertise

Our heavy-industry expertise and automated manufacturing processes allow us to fabricate high-quality products with efficiencies that you bring the most value. We have the experience and know-how to plan, organize, and manage your critical manufacturing objectives.


Quality & Safety Guaranteed

At OMS, we provide reliable, trustworthy fabrication services using best practices while constantly improving processes to meet the latest standards of safety for our employees. By supporting a safe working environment, we’re able to reduce risks, identify potential hazards, and avoid production-halting missteps—ensuring quality across the board.


Your Trusted, Strategic Partner in Metal Fabrication

For over 100 years, OMS has delivered quality fabrication and supply chain management. At over 130,000 square feet, our Fayette facility offers the resources, capabilities, and full-service supply chain solutions for your business.

OMS Fayette Facility

1015 Temple Ave. South

Fayette, AL 35555

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