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O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) offers special steel profiles for a wide range of markets.  These custom-shaped bars are rolled or extruded in a variety of material grades for industry-specific applications.  By purchasing custom-made special profiles from OMS, our customers experience reduced time and labor costs, lower machine and tool expenditures, and gain overall material investment savings while receiving steel sections with the geometry and composition to precisely match their specifications.

Product Advantages of Custom Profiles

  • Solutions to specific customer design applications
  • Elimination of complex processing steps
  • Reduced labor time and overhead
  • Reduced machine and tool expenses
  • Near-net production
  • Diversity of products and material grades


O’Neal Manufacturing Services stocks special profiles for the material handling industry including forklift mast and telescopic guide rails for high racking and shelving systems. The railroad equipment industry requires steel profiles for rail fastening and track construction as well as rail cars. Special profiles for blade holders and corn pickers are used in the agricultural equipment industry. Hinge profiles for car and truck doors are used in the automotive and transportation industry. Pipe couplings, corner profiles, and locking profiles for sheet piling are critical components of the construction equipment industry. Industrial equipment applications include linear guide rail systems for motion/bearing controls. Read more information on steel profiles for industry-specific applications on our Blog.

Industries Utilizing Special Steel Profiles

  • Material Handling
  • Railroad
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Linear Motion
  • Building Construction
  • Industrial


In addition to customer-designed profiles, O’Neal Manufacturing Services stocks a wide range of “standard” special profile shapes that are used throughout the material handling and linear motion industries.

Standard Steel Profiles

  • Channels
  • I-Beams
  • Carriage Bars

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is engaged in partnerships with multiple mill sources for special profiles.  This allows OMS to control our own logistics and offer JIT delivery for our customers.  Additionally, the steel profiles can be incorporated with other products into weldments.  Kitting and packaging programs can be included to save time and logistical expenses.

The Difference Between Hot Rolled Steel Profiles and Cold Drawn Steel Profiles

  • Hot Rolling  – This process utilizes long bars heated to temperatures above 1.100 degrees Celsius, then deformed through roll stands. The special profile designs are tailored to customers’ specific needs, effectively eliminating several traditional manufacturing steps. This popular method of producing steel profiles is fast, cost-effective, and offers endless design options.
  • Cold Drawing  – Room temperature, semi-finished wire rod is pulled through a series of dies in the cold drawing Precise geometric shapes are formed with tight dimensional tolerance and superior surface condition. Net or near net shapes are produced with virtually no material surplus, bringing the manufacturer all the precision and none of the waste.

A Commitment to Quality
OMS offers vertically integrated turnkey manufacturing processes including extensive in-house 2nd and 3rd step processing capabilities. Our fully automated steel fabrication equipment represents the most current in technology. We offer ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities and provide significant capacity and manufacturing redundancies. We practice collaboration on new and existing products using our Value-Analysis/Value-Engineering (VA/VE) process. This allows us to validate the manufacturing process prior to production, saving development time, reducing costs and delivering on schedule every time.

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