Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence: A Milestone Anniversary in Monterrey, Mexico

A vibrant atmosphere of celebration was present in Monterrey, Mexico as O’Neal Manufacturing Services commemorated 25 years of business. A significant milestone in the company’s history, the event drew over 1400 attendees made up of employees and their families as well as distinguished guests who gathered to participate in this special occasion.

O’Neal Manufacturing Services President, Kent Brown, reflected on the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved over the past 25 years and expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support received throughout the company’s history.

“It is inspiring to see how much growth our Monterrey facility has experienced. You overcame many obstacles, and it is especially fitting that we celebrate this milestone during such a prosperous year. Thank you for living our values of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and reliability every day. As we mark the 25th anniversary, we are stronger than ever.”

Employees were recognized for their long-standing years of service, with special awards presented to those who have been part of the journey since the company’s inception. General Manager, Esteban Garza, has twenty years of service with the company himself and marked the anniversary celebration as a true testament to the dedication and hard work that has made OMS Monterrey a dominant leader in the manufacturing industry. 

“Today is filled with happiness and great pride,” remarked Garza. “By honoring our employee’s long tenure in conjunction with our 25th anniversary, we recognize that together, we truly do build great things.”  

The atmosphere was infused with the vibrant culture of the people of OMS Monterrey.  Food, games, songs, and laughter provided a spirited energy that resonated with all those present. The 25th-anniversary celebration was more than just a ceremony, it was a tribute to the entire team and their dedication to the success of our company. Congratulations!