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Railroad Equipment Manufacturing

The railway industry provides essential transportation solutions that connect America’s goods and services. Our railroads are vital to the U.S. economy, carrying loads of cargo across the country more efficiently than any other mode of transportation.

As a key supplier to the industry, O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) provides strategic fabrication services including heavy steel frames and structures essential for rail cars and locomotives, components for rail crossing and ancillary structures, and lightweight aluminum parts and assemblies. In addition, we supply special steel profiles for rail fastening, construction components for railroad tracks, and flats and angles with special dimensions for railroad cars. Our extensive rail industry manufacturing experience results in high-quality products to keep this vital industry on track.

Rail Car Components That Keep Our Trains Moving

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is highly experienced in the fabrication of rail car components. From simple punched or burned parts to complex weldments and heavy steel rail car frames, OMS serves rail car customers with repeatability and cost-efficiency. Examples of rail car components we produce include:


  • Frames & Supports
  • Manway Covers
  • Buckets & Hoppers
  • Dividers
  • Wheel Supports
  • Housings & Enclosures
  • Equipment Guards & Protectors
  • Rails, Ladders, and Cage Ladders
  • Specialized & General-Purpose Components

Project Management and Fabrication for Locomotive Manufacturers

O’Neal Manufacturing Services supports the locomotive manufacturing supply chain with improved production throughput, reduced inventory exposure, and expedited speed to market. Examples of locomotive components we produce include:

  • End Plate Assemblies
  • Snowplows
  • Collision Posts
  • Truck Pin Assemblies
  • Platform Sills & Sill Beams
  • Ed & Deck Platform Plates
  • Brake Levers
  • Step/Stair Assemblies
  • Safety Rails
  • Cab & Roof Components
  • Bolster and Support Assemblies

Rail Support and Safety Equipment Manufacturing

Railroad safety and track repair products ensure our nation’s railyards operate securely and efficiently. OMS furnishes railroad crossing equipment suppliers with welded assemblies and kitted components to support their manufacturing supply chain. Our wide stock of aluminum and steel parts coupled with kitting, packaging, and release programs will help reduce lead times and streamline overall part production. Rail crossing, safety, and support components we provide include:

  • Bridge Crossing Structures
  • Switch Houses
  • Signal Masts
  • Cantilever Arm Counterweights
  • Welded Platforms
  • PTC Components & Masts

Association of American Railroads Quality Assurance Program Certification

O’Neal Manufacturing Services has met the requirements of the Association of American Railroads with AAR M-1003 certification. Our highly skilled teams and advanced fabricating, assembly, and finishing capabilities have earned us a reputation for excellence in the rail industry.

We provide our OEM clients with a reliable supply of quality-approved metal components, ensuring that they have the inventory needed to maintain production schedules. With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise, OMS is a trusted supplier of fabricated metal components and welded sub-assemblies that are essential to the successful operation of our nation’s railroad manufacturers.

Structural Steel for the Construction Industry

Large metal structures and frames are the building blocks of our communities. From I-beams and steel plates to reinforced steel bars, channels, tubes, pipes, angles, and flats, these metal parts are the backbone of society. Used to build our workplaces, roads, farms, and factories, the construction industry’s use of structural steel parts makes up half of all the steel consumption on our planet. With its ability to take on many shapes, and the durability to sustain our greatest formations, structural steel is the ideal material for creating foundations that stand the test of time.

Features and Applications of Structural Steel Parts

Structural steel parts are sturdy and durable. Composed of iron and carbon, structural steel contains a higher tensile strength and maintains an increased strength-to-weight ratio over its mild steel counterparts. When fabricated and erected, these steel parts are capable of handling heavy loads without buckling or eroding over time. They maintain a high wind load, have great constructability, and, of course, are incredibly strong.  Structural steel is highly resistant to heat, and it is waterproof, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and extremely long-lasting. The versatility of this hard-wearing metal makes it the preferred building material for the construction industry and ideal for the following applications:

Buildings Bridges
Stadiums Ships
Parking Decks Oil Rigs
Warehouses Pipe Racks
Elevators Transmission Towers
Trailers Solar Panels
Work Benches Reservoirs

Fabrication of Structural Steel Parts

The fabrication process of structural steel parts consists of cutting, forming, welding, and assembly to form a structure or component. Common structural shapes include I-shaped cross-sections, hollow structural sections, L-shaped cross-sections, Z-shapes, C-beams, T-shaped cross-sections, bars, rods, joints, and plates. Experienced metal fabricators are often enlisted to supply these shapes to busy construction equipment OEMs and heavy industrial contractors. Fabricators can produce custom steel beams, columns, trusses, and other structural elements according to the specific requirements of the construction project. O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) has both the resources and capacity to support the material needs of the construction industry. From simple burn-to-shape parts to subassemblies with multiple components, our ability to produce parts that fall under multiple supplier codes offers numerous advantages to construction OEMs and their production teams.

Structural Beam Line Processing

O’Neal Manufacturing Services offers robotic beam line processing for structural steel applications. Our PythonX® robotic beam line makes multi-faceted cuts to rolled steel sections and steel beams. Channels, beams, angle iron, square and rectangular HSS, flat bars, strip plates, and stair stringers are measured and cut with highly accurate results. CNC beam drilling technology ensures coping, notching, mitering, tapping, and countersinking are carried out with maximum efficiency to produce:

  • Bevel Angles
  • Bolt Holes
  • Copes
  • Cut-Outs
  • Cut-To-Length
  • Miter Cuts
  • Notches
  • Slots
  • T-Beams

 Angle and Flat Bar Fabrication

Clips, angles, gusset plates, and braces are essential components of the metal construction process. OMS offers angle and flat bar processing with our programmable CNC angle lines.  Angle lines punch and shear flat bar or angled bar, while maintaining part-to-part accuracy and reducing scrap. By utilizing CNC angle lines, segments of angle and bar stock are fabricated at a rapid speed and with no manual drilling. Original equipment manufacturers turn to OMS for angle line processing of heavy steel parts used in the following industries:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Communication
  • Power Generation
  • Railcar and Tank Car
  • Material Handling

Manufacturing Expertise for Your Supply Chain

O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) brings over 100 years of industry expertise to your manufacturing supply chain. We recognize the demands of the construction industry and provide strategic fabrication support and superior products. Our teams are adept at solving your unique design-to-manufacturing challenges and will create the most effective supply chain solution for your project.

OMS provides fabricated metal components, sub-assemblies, and weldments to the manufacturers that power our homes, move our goods, build our structures, and drive our economy. Each of our North American facilities is equipped with state-of-the-art steel fabrication equipment and offers significant capacity and manufacturing redundancy. Our tagline says it all. Let’s Build Things®.

William McCracken Awarded the MSCI Scholarship

William McCracken was both surprised and honored to be named a scholarship recipient from the Metals Service Center Institute.  A recent graduate of Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point, North Carolina, William will apply his award toward the study of computer science at Liberty University in Virginia. 

His father, Paul McCracken was equally proud of his son upon learning the news.  A senior engineer for O’Neal Manufacturing Services in Greensboro, NC, Paul has been a dedicated team member of OMS for the past 18 years.

William’s interest in computer science was sparked by one of the many honors and advanced placement classes he completed in high school.  Recognized for his academic achievements as a National High School Scholar, he maintained perfect attendance and was a member of the Beta Club and the National Spanish Honor Society.  William played both the saxophone and piano, and he distinguished himself in the honors band.

The Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) is the premier, not-for-profit association serving the industrial metals industry. As a member of MSCI, O’Neal Manufacturing Services and our employees benefit from the vision, tools, and programs offered by the organization, which include academic scholarships supported by its individual chapters across North America. OMS is pleased to recognize William’s designation as an MSCI Scholarship recipient, and we wish him well as he continues his academic journey.

Congratulations Ali Nkulu, a Newly Appointed U.S. Citizen!

Becoming a citizen of our country is a significant accomplishment and one that deserves recognition and celebration. We are happy to announce that our Greensboro, NC team member, Ali Nkulu, completed the naturalization process this month and is now a U.S. citizen!

Ali was born in the continent of Africa. Originally from the Congo, he later fled to Burundi where he obtained refugee status. Once Ali was granted access to enter the United States, he did not wait long to begin the citizenship process. American citizenship is a lengthy commitment that requires dedication and study. After 7 months of applications and interviews, and passing both civics and English tests, Ali was finally sworn in.

When asked what his new status means to him, Ali replied, “It feels good to be able to have the same rights as all the other US citizens. I am finally able to vote and get my passport, which will allow me to travel with my family.”

OMS Production Manager, Dan Abel, highly regards his fellow employee. “I am extremely proud of him for obtaining his U.S. citizenship while working full-time and supporting his family.” 

Ali has been a member of the O’Neal Manufacturing Services team in Greensboro, for the past 15 months and currently holds the position of machine operator.  His fellow teammates celebrated with Ali and recognized his commitment to this great accomplishment.

“Ali has been an exceptional employee, dedicated to our company’s success,” remarked Amanda Wood, General Manager for the OMS Greensboro facility. “I’m excited for this opportunity for him, and it makes me feel good to know that he chose to grow his career here, with our Greensboro team.”   

Cedar Falls Industrial Manufacturing Technicians

OMS Cedar Falls would like to recognize the first graduates of its IMT Apprenticeship Class!

  • Chris Aberle           1st Shift Press Brake Operator promoted to 2nd Shift Lead, Forming Department
  • Kirk Hanks             1st Shift Press Brake Operator
  • Kevin Youngblut  1st Shift Logistics Clerk promoted to Customer Service Representative
  • Dean Brockway    1st Shift Maintenance Department
  • Jacob Goodman   1st Shift Lead, Welding Department
  • Casjen Siems         2nd Shift Lead promoted to 2nd Shift Production Supervisor


Registered with the U. S. Department of Labor, this nationally recognized apprenticeship program certifies front-line manufacturing production workers with essential skills for the operation of advanced manufacturing equipment.

Six employees completed 18 months and 3000 hours of skilled training at both the Cedar Falls plant and Hawkeye Community College. OMS partnered with Catalyst Connection to develop coursework needed to meet the apprenticeship accreditation.

Designed to improve manufacturing processes and meet customer requirements, course topics covered the set-up, operation, monitoring, and control of production equipment, as well as material management, manufacturing business systems, and operational efficiencies.

OMS department managers shared their team’s impact on every step of the manufacturing process, from quoting and production to final part shipping. Class examples included: CNC control, blueprint reading, industrial math, OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR, safety, practical problem solving, Train the Trainer and communication.

Apprenticeship classes began in March 2022 and concluded in July 2023 with the presentation of a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship for the Occupation of Industrial Manufacturing Technician.

Congratulations to our newest IMTs! We sincerely appreciated their dedication, and we look forward to launching our next apprenticeship class in January 2024.

Experience Large Precision Forming from OMS

O’Neal Manufacturing Services offers incredible bending accuracy for oversized parts. Our TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake tackles large and heavy parts up to 23′ long with repeatable precision. 

Watch the installation unfold in this captivating time-lapse video and see our TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake in action.

Our newest forming machine features:

  • 1,100 U.S. ton press force
  • Accommodates parts up to 23 feet long
  • Usable open height of 34 inches
  • 6-Axis back gauge
  • Hydraulic tool clamping
  • Laser-controlled bending

Our TRUMPF TruBend 8010 press brake provides even greater bending capacity than ever before. When you need fast and efficient forming of long and thick parts, reach out to our experienced team of highly skilled fabrication professionals. We offer state-of-the-art equipment to produce complex parts with tight tolerances, precision, and accuracy. Let’s Build Things!®

Steel Profiles for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

O’Neal Manufacturing Services stocks both standard steel profiles and custom-designed special profiles for a variety of market applications. Industries utilizing special steel profiles include material handling, railroad, agricultural, automotive, industrial, linear motion, and building construction. These custom-shaped bars are rolled or extruded in a variety of material grades with geometry and composition to precisely match customer specifications.

  • O’Neal Manufacturing Services stocks special profiles for the material handling industry including forklift masts and telescopic guide rails for high racking and shelving systems.
  • The railroad equipment industry requires steel profiles for rail fastening and track construction as well as rail cars.
  • Special profiles for blade holders and corn pickers are used in the agricultural equipment industry.
  • Hinge profiles for car and truck doors are used in the automotive and transportation industry.
  • Pipe couplings, corner profiles, and locking profiles for sheet piling are critical components of the construction equipment industry.
  • Industrial equipment applications include linear guide rail systems for motion/bearing controls.  

Special Steel Profiles

Purchase custom-made special profiles from OMS and experience reduced time and labor costs, lower machine and tool expenditures, and gain overall material investment savings while receiving specially fabricated cross-sections and special dimensions. By purchasing from OMS, you will receive net or near-net shapes for custom profiles as well as kitting and packaging services, and just-in-time delivery.

Standard Steel Profiles

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is engaged in partnerships with multiple mill sources for steel profiles such as channels, I-beams, and carriage bars.  This allows OMS to control our own logistics and offer JIT delivery for our customers.  Additionally, these steel profiles can be incorporated with other products into weldments.  Kitting and packaging programs can be included to save time and logistical expenses.

By offering significant capacity and manufacturing redundancies along with value analysis and engineering, O’Neal Manufacturing Services will optimize production, reduce costs, and deliver strategic, long-term benefits to major industrial equipment manufacturers.


Devon Thomas Awarded MSCI Scholarship

The Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) is the premier, not-for-profit association serving the industrial metals industry. As a member of MSCI, O’Neal Manufacturing Services and our employees benefit from the vision, tools, and programs offered by the organization, which include academic scholarships supported by its individual chapters across North America.

Pittsburgh MSCI chapter member, Chris Thomas, was honored to learn that his son, Devon, was selected as a 2023 scholarship recipient. As Quality Assurance Manager for O’Neal Manufacturing Services, Chris has supported the production and quality operations of our business for the past 15 years.

MSCI recognized Devon Thomas for his exceptional academic achievements. A recent graduate of Blackhawk High School in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Devon received high honors and was inducted into his school’s National Honor Society.  He also enjoyed a well-rounded athletic experience and participated in football, basketball, and soccer, while he maintained an impressive 4.2 grade point average.  

Devon has enrolled at Grove City College in Pennsylvania and has elected to major in mechanical engineering and minor in robotics. In addition to his academic studies, he has earned the position of kicker for the GCC Wolverines football team.

Devon Thomas continues to set high expectations for himself and expressed his desire to be a part of NASA in the future. His inspiration was conveyed in a quote from Stephen Curry, “Be the best version of yourself in anything you do. You don’t have to live anybody else’s story.”

OMS is proud to recognize Devon for his achievements, and we look forward to the next steps in his academic journey.

Joseph Truesdale Celebrates 50 Years with OMS

When an employee regards his coworkers as his family, the company knows they have someone special.  When that employee marks 50 years of service and is still going strong, the company knows they have someone extraordinary.

That sentiment was expressed this week as O’Neal Manufacturing Services’ team members and their corporate and parent company leadership gathered to celebrate Joe Truesdale’s 50th work anniversary at the Greensboro, North Carolina steel fabrication plant.

Joe began his career in the steel industry on July 5, 1973, at what was then known as Salem Steel. Over five decades and through the evolution of the company to what is now known as O’Neal Manufacturing Services, Joe held various positions including painter, order puller, truck driver, machine operator, shift supervisor, parts cleaner, and material handler, and he has every intention to keep on going.

“The next 50 years should be just as much fun,” said Joe. With touching words about the family culture of O’Neal Manufacturing Services, Joe expressed a strong bond with his team members who have been there for him along the way. He reflected fondly on his journey with a genuine regard for his work, saying “What you are willing to put in a place is what you get out of it.”  In fact, that is Joe’s advice for prospective employees looking to join his team.

OMS President, Kent Brown, presented Joe with a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey displaying the number 50 and personalized “Mr. Joe”, as he is called by his coworkers. “We’re so grateful for you, Mr. Joe,” remarked Kent. “Your honesty, integrity, and willingness to pitch in wherever needed are a great representation of our company values. You make us a better team.”

Craft O’Neal, Chairman and CEO of O’Neal Industries, the parent company of O’Neal Manufacturing Services added, “O’Neal Industries is dedicated to recognizing, respecting, embracing, and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our employees. Nothing is more complimentary to a successful business than an employee who regards his coworkers as his family. Thank you for all you have done for OMS.”

Joe Truesdale celebrates 50 years with O'Neal Manufacturing Services

OMS Fuels Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline

The Office of the Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Navy has launched an initiative to energize and engage the Greater Pittsburgh defense industrial base. Through the creation of maritime-focused manufacturing pipelines, the initiative aims to enrich the industrial workforce and address critical trade skill gaps across maritime and defense organizations.

The Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline partners with training providers and employers to increase year-over-year industrial and defense talent acquisition and retention. Through effective education on workforce needs, hands-on skills assessment, and coaching, program participants work together to improve career readiness and job stability. Affiliated employers commit to hiring and retaining program graduates into well-paying and mission-critical careers. With a focus on welders, machinists, metal fabricators, electricians, ship fitters, and NDT/Quality Assurance positions, the initiative strives to ensure long-term success for both the employees and their respective businesses.

With roots dating back to World War I, the O’Neal family of companies is anchored in the support of manufacturing not only in military and defense, marine and aerospace industries, but also in transportation, material handling, construction, agriculture, and more. O’Neal Manufacturing Services in Pittsburgh is a trusted supplier to major OEMs with long-term, strategic outsourcing projects.

Talent Pipeline Program Manager, Mr. Joe Barto, along with Commander and Master Chief Josh Sturgill, and Rear Admiral Scott Pappano, recognized O’Neal Manufacturing Services for its partnership in the program. Alexa Opal (center), MIG Welder for OMS Pittsburgh, and Gus Cassida, Regional General Manager of OMS Pittsburgh, represented the company at the Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Signing Day.  In total, 19 employees have joined the OMS team through the Pipeline program. For more information on the Talent Pipeline Program visit