Manufacturing Day 2019

Since 2012, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has hosted Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY). The events held on this day, and now throughout the month, are meant to help manufacturers confront the problem they face of a skilled labor shortage. O’Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) participated this year throughout the U.S. at our facilities to support manufacturing growth and opportunity.

MFG DAY represents the idea of spreading the awareness of challenges that the manufacturing industry faces when it comes to common problems and labor shortages. The intent of MFG day is to provide insight into the industry to future generations who may or may not have considered manufacturing as a possible job career. According to the MFG DAY website, “MFG DAY is designed to amplify the voice of individual manufacturers” allowing for them to “coordinate” with a “chorus of manufacturers” who share widespread concerns.

MFG DAY at Pittsburgh

At OMS Pittsburgh, our facility management met with students from a local career and technical school to talk about the history of OMS and what kind of work that we do in Pittsburgh. The students were taken on a tour of the plant and received OMS goody bags along with a little project. Each student received a part sheet containing the pieces to put together a metal frog.

MFG DAY at Cedar Falls

At OMS Iowa Laser, local students were led on a tour of the facility by 4 guides. Each student was taught about the importance of safety in a manufacturing environment. The facility tour led them from blueprint quoting and programming of parts to ordering the steel used in manufacturing. They were then told about how a part would be cut with the laser and where a part would go once it had been cut. Before they learned how to send off a final product, the students were also shown if a part would need to be welded once cut. After they had an understanding of the complete manufacturing process, students were guided to the logistics department and shown how to package and get a product to a customer. Students were then led to the lunchroom to ask any remaining questions they had before heading home!

Thank you to our facilities for participating in MFG DAY and showing our support for the manufacturing industry! #LetsBuildPeople #LetsBuildThings #MFGDay19