OMS in 2018: Looking Back

2018 was a great year, full of progression and growth for our company. Here are a few of our favorite moments.

The Birmingham O’Neal team joined 700 other volunteers to read to students in every Birmingham City School. The O’Neal team had volunteers reading to 25 classrooms at our partner school, Hayes K-8 School, and afterward each child was given a book to take home. So many of Hayes’ children come from underserved communities and don’t have access to a home library, so this was such a special gift for them.

The OMS Houston facility moved locations to better serve its customers and future growth. “We are excited to continue our long tradition of providing quality fabricated products to Houston and surrounding markets. Our new location is more modern, better sized for our operation, and adds in house painting capability to our business.  We look forward to continuing a strong manufacturing presence in Houston for years to come,” said Kent Brown, President & CEO, O’Neal Manufacturing Services. OMS has been in Houston since 1988.

Additionally, TRUMPF Inc., the leader in Laser fiber technology, partnered with Iowa Laser (a division of OMS). Together, they brought the First TRUMPF Inc. Fiber 10K to the United States. Both TRUMPF Inc. and Iowa laser are working together to test the capabilities and develop the world’s standards on laser cutting. TRUMPF Inc. selected Iowa Laser based on their leadership in the industry, and the fact that they have the ideal fit for production in sheet thickness and job variance. Iowa Laser is staying on the cutting edge of technology to meet customer demands in a changing industry.

U.S. Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-PA 12th District) visited the OMS Pittsburgh facility and was given a plant tour led by General Manager Gus Cassida. Mr. Cassida led Congressman Rothfus and his group through the plant and showed them the unique machining capabilities that OMS Pittsburgh has to offer its customers.

We’re proud of everything 2018 brought for us, and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 holds!

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